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    async-ratelimiter: A Simple, Redis-Backed, Async Rate Limiter

  • collect.js

    collect.js: 109 Convenience Methods for Arrays and Objects — A similar API to Laravel Collections: chunk,...

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    📺 CEC-Controller: Control HDMI Devices from Node — This requires some work to set up, but is...

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    📱 node-apn: Apple Push Notification Module for Node — A way to interface with the Apple Push...

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    Mercury Parser: Extract Content From Web Pages — Extracts the ‘useful’ parts from Web pages, such...

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    Better package selection with npm Enterprise

    Better Package Selection with npm Enterprise — npm Enterprise lets customers specify policies over which packages...

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    BxJS - (Custom) Github Actions for Node.js projects

    ▶  Building a Custom Github Action for a Node.js Project — A 50 minute livestream.

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    I Teach my Wife Node.js 😱

    ▶  'I Teach My Spouse Node.js' — It’s entry level but I found the format of this...

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    What's New in Mongoose 5.7: Conditional Immutability, Faster Document Arrays

    What's New in Mongoose 5.7 — Mongoose is perhaps the most popular way to use MongoDB...

  • ABC's of JavaScript and Node.js

    The ABCs of Node.js: A Node Glossary — Basically a glossary of sixty-one different terms you...

  • Can you help our client migrate to Node.js? Docklands, London – JavaScript Jobs by CareersJS

    Can you help our client migrate to Node? (Docklands, London) — Do you have experience and...

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    OpenSSL security releases may require Node.js security releases | Node.js

    Possible Node Security Releases Due to OpenSSL Security Updates — This sits as a low priority...

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    Proxying packages with GitHub Package Registry and other updates

    Proxying npm Packages with GitHub Package Registry — GitHub has introduced the ability to proxy packages...

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    js-fire: Generate CLIs from JavaScript Objects — Python Fire is a Google tool for creating CLIs...

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    Sequelize ORM npm library found vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks | Snyk

    ⚠️ Sequelize ORM Found Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attacks — The good news is the problem is...

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    worker: mark as stable · nodejs/node@9a436d1

    Worker Threads Now Considered 'Stable' in Node — There’s not a lot to see in this...

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    Dynamically generating SQL queries using Node.js

    Dynamically Generating SQL Queries in Node — The author of Stop using Knex.js thinks using SQL...

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    Image Processing in Node.js Using Jimp Library - Coding Shiksha - Coding Shiksha

    Image Processing using the Jimp Library — Jimp is an image processing library written entirely in...