Team sharing links on steroids

Get your team on the same page faster with lightning-speed access to all your important links, from any device and Slack

Aliases ⚡

Set up convenient shortcuts and leverage commands like /go, any link will be at your fingertips.

Hit alt + a in our browser extension or simply type go <alias> in your browser's address bar.

Replace recurring questions, like “What's the standup link?” with /go standup.

Powerful shortcuts help you /go faster

  • /go standup
  • /go docs
  • /go jira/core-42
  • /go logs
  • /go prs/1337

Browser extension 🔮

Our browser extension codenamed Omni, is a combination of a tab switcher and a history search engine with powerful bookmarking support.

With Omni, team members have instant access to the team's bookmarks.

Install extension
Tefter slack search

Slack integration

Install our Slack app and members of your workspace can add bookmarks, search and create shorthand aliases for links. One may also invoke an action to scan a message for links and add them as bookmarks.

Install Slack App

Creating aliases

To create an alias use:

/tefter alias <alias> <url>

Tefter slack create alias

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Do you offer a free trial?

Absolutely! Create a team now and begin your 28 day trial. No credit card required.

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How do you process payments?

Billing is handled via Stripe.

Is there a training available for how to use Tefter efficiently?

Of course, you can book a call here

Can I have a team account and a personal one?

There is no limit on the number of teams you can create or be a member of. You can switch between your personal workspace and any of your team's without having to sign out and sign in to a separate account.