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    PyCon PH 2024

    PyCon PH 2024 February 25 to February 27, 2024 PYTHON.PH

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    Polars — Why we have rewritten the string data type

    Polars: Why We Have Rewritten the String Data Type A large refactor on the string data...

  • Python Insider: Python 3.13.0 alpha 4 is now available

    Python 3.13.0 Alpha 4 Is Now Available CPYTHON DEV BLOG

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    Include `math.sign`

    Ideas: Include math.sign PYTHON DISCUSS

  • PEP 742 – Narrowing types with TypeIs |

    PEP 742: Narrowing Types With TypeIs This Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) “proposes a new special form,...

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    Episode #191: Focusing on Data Science & Less on Engineering and Dependencies – The Real Python Podcast

    Focusing on Data Science How do you manage the dependencies of a large-scale data science project?...

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    Python Basics Exercises: Lists and Tuples – Real Python

    Python Basics Exercises: Lists and Tuples In this Python Basics Exercises video course, you’ll practice defining...

  • Smart CLIs with Typer

    Smart CLIs With Typer The go-to library for adding CLI functionality in Python is the built...

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    Summary of Major Changes Between Python Versions

    Summary of Major Changes Between Python Versions This article is a quick reference covering the major...

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    How to run pytest in parallel on GitHub actions

    How to Run Pytest in Parallel on GitHub Actions Splitting tests across multiple workers may produce...

  • Leveraging Typing.Protocol: Faster Error Detection And Beyond Inheritance - Pybites

    typing.Protocol: Faster Error Detection The typing.Protocol allows you to define and enforce interface contracts in your...

  • leontrolski - postgres as queue

    Postgres as Queue The main objection to using a database as your queue is the extra...

  • A search engine in 80 lines of Python

    A Search Engine in 80 Lines of Python In this post Alex explains how he built...

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    An Introduction to Testing with Django for Python | AppSignal Blog

    Introduction to Testing With Django This detailed article introduces you to unit testing Django applications. It...

  • Six months with GitHub Copilot

    Six Months With GitHub Copilot Richard has been coding with GitHub Copilot over the past six...

  • (Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup

    (Almost) Every Infrastructure Decision I Endorse or Regret After four years running infrastructure at a startup,...

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    Deploy a Serverless FastAPI App with Neon Postgres and AWS App Runner at any scale - Neon

    Deploy a Serverless FastAPI App on AWS This guide shows you how to deploy a scalable...

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    Creating a Modal Dialog For Your TUIs in Textual - Mouse Vs Python

    Creating a Modal Dialog for Your TUIs in Textual Learn how to create a modal dialog...

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    GitHub - ibis-project/ibis: The flexibility of Python with the scale and performance of modern SQL.

    ibis: The Flexibility of Python With the Scale of Modern SQL GITHUB.COM/IBIS-PROJECT

  • Python Pizza Prague

    Prague Python Pizza 2024 February 24 to February 25, 2024 PYTHON.PIZZA

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    Django Girls Ho on 24th February 2024

    Django Girls Ho February 24 to February 25, 2024 DJANGOGIRLS.ORG

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    uv: Python packaging in Rust

    uv: Python Packaging in Rust uv is an extremely fast Python package installer and resolver, designed...

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    Create Conway's Game of Life With Python – Real Python

    Create Conway’s Game of Life With Python In this video course, you’ll use Python to build...

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    AI Code Reviews | CodeRabbit | Try for Free

    Merge Pull Request 10x Faster CodeRabbit is an AI-first pull request reviewer with context-aware feedback, line-by-line...

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    Episode 27 - Python Formatters with Lukasz Langa - Mouse Vs Python

    Python Formatters With Lukasz Langa Episode 27 of The Python Show Podcast welcomes Lukasz Langa, the...

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    Taming the Kraken: Managing a Python Monolith with Sentry

    Upcoming Workshop: Taming the Kraken, Managing a Python Monolith w/ Sentry Join David Winterbottom, principal software...

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    Polars — A bird's eye view of Polars

    A Bird’s Eye View of Polars This post on the Polars blog introduces you to how...

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    Django security releases issued: 5.0.2, 4.2.10, and 3.2.24

    Django Security Releases Issued: 5.0.2, 4.2.10, and 3.2.24 DJANGO SOFTWARE FOUNDATION

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    Introducing PSF Grants Program Office Hours

    PSF: Introducing PSF Grants Program Office Hours PYTHON SOFTWARE FOUNDATION

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    Why not real anonymous functions?

    Why Not Real Anonymous Functions? PYTHON

  • When should you give up on a project that doesn't work? | Hacker News

    When Should You Give Up on a Project That Doesn’t Work? HACKER NEWS

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    Abandoned Code: The Hidden Risks of Using Unmaintained Software

    Abandoned Code: Hidden Risks of Unmaintained Software Software engineers use a lot of third party software....

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    Build a Django AI colorization app 🎨🦾

    Build a Django AI Colorization App This guide shows you how to build a simple Django...

  • Specialized Python libraries for Unique Tasks

    Specialized Python Libraries for Unique Tasks Python gets used for all sorts of stuff. This list...

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    Implement Parsers with Pylasu - Strumenta

    Implement Parsers With Pylasu In this article, you learn how to implement parsers in Python using...

  • Inside .git

    Inside .git Julia is at it again, doing a deep dive on how things work. This...

  • Safely rewriting complex code - Timo Zimmermann

    Safely Rewriting Complex Code Sometimes you just have to give in and re-write some of your...

  • Everything You Can Do with Python's textwrap Module | Martin Heinz | Personal Website & Blog

    Everything You Can Do With Python’s textwrap Module Learn about all the things you can do...

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    Understanding Open Source Licensing - Semaphore

    Understanding Open Source Licensing This article discusses the importance of open-source licensing in software development and...

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    Implementing a lasting service pattern for your business logic

    Implementing a Lasting Service Pattern for Your Business Logic Best practices for building an understandable, maintainable...

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    Profiling your Numba code

    Profiling Your Numba Code Learn how to use the Profila profiler to find performance bottlenecks in...

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    GitHub - Textualize/toolong: A terminal application to view, tail, merge, and search log files (plus JSONL).

    toolong: A TUI to View, Tail, Merge, and Search Log Files GITHUB.COM/TEXTUALIZE

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    GitHub - volfpeter/fasthx: FastAPI and HTMX, the right way.

    fasthx: FastAPI and HTMX, the Right Way GITHUB.COM/VOLFPETER

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    The Python Community in 2024, Wed, Feb 21, 2024, 6:30 PM | Meetup

    NZPUG-Auckland: The Python Community in 2024 February 21, 2024 MEETUP.COM

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    Using Python for Data Analysis – Real Python

    Using Python for Data Analysis In this tutorial, you’ll learn the importance of having a structured...