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    DjangoCon US 2019 • September 22-27, 2019 • San Diego, CA United States

    DjangoCon US September 22 to September 28, 2019 DJANGOCON.US

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    ml-workspace: All-In-One Web-Based IDE Specialized for Machine Learning and Data Science GITHUB.COM/ML-TOOLING • Shared by Lukas...

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    PyCParser: C Parser and Interpreter Written in Python With Automatic ctypes Interface Generation GITHUB.COM/ALBERTZ

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    python-intervals: Data Structure and Operations for Intervals GITHUB.COM/ALEXANDREDECAN • Shared by Alexandre Decan

  • Fastest Python function to slugify a string

    Fastest Python Function to Slugify a String PETER BENGTSSON

  • Welcome to the float zone...

    Python Does What?! Welcome to the float Zone… A Python “gotcha” involving floating point numbers and...

  • PyDist – Blog – (Almost) Never Delete a Release

    Never Delete PyPI Release Why you should (almost) never delete a bad release from PyPI—and what...

  • LEGB? Meet ICPO, Python's search strategy for attributes — Reuven Lerner

    LEGB? Meet ICPO, Python’s Search Strategy for Attributes How Python looks up object attributes like

  • Should you use "dot notation" or "bracket notation" with pandas?

    Should You Use “Dot Notation” or “Bracket Notation” With Pandas? There are two ways to select...

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    JPMorgan's Athena has 35 million lines of Python code, and won't be updated to Python 3 in time

    JPMorgan’s Athena Has 35 Million Lines of Python 2 Code, and Won’t Be Updated to Python...

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    How common is Python in the enterprise world?

    How Common Is Python in the Enterprise World? REDDIT

  • Dave Wade-Stein's answer to Python (programming language): What are some of the drawbacks of Python? - Quora

    What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Python? Also see the related discussion on Hacker News....

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    Types for Python HTTP APIs: An Instagram Story

    Types for Python HTTP APIs How Instagram uses types to document and enforce a contract for...

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    The boring technology behind a one-person Internet company

    The Boring Technology Behind a One-Person Internet Company The Python-powered tech stack of a one-person company...

  • Java Primer for Python Developers

    Java Primer for Python Developers “There are large distinctions between the two programming languages, but I’ll...

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    PEP 603 -- Adding a frozenmap type to collections

    PEP 603: Adding a frozenmap Type to collections A draft PEP that proposes adding a new...

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    Python vs C++: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job – Real Python

    Python vs C++: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job Explore the similarities and differences you’ll...

  • Call for Proposals for PyCon 2020 is open!

    Call for Proposals for PyCon 2020 Is Open The submission deadlines are: Tutorial proposals are due...