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    PyDelhi - Python Delhi User Group! (Delhi, India)

    PyDelhi User Group Meetup December 3, 2022 MEETUP.COM

  • Deep Learning With PyTorch

    Deep Learning With PyTorch November 30, 2022 MEETUP.COM

  • SyPy – Sydney Python User Group

    Sydney Python User Group (SyPy) December 1, 2022 SYPY.ORG

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    Microsoft Power BI and Python: Two Superpowers Combined – Real Python

    Microsoft Power BI and Python: Two Superpowers Combined In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install...

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    Parallel Nested For-Loops in Python

    Parallel Nested for-Loops in Python Nested for-loops often are an opportunity for parallel code. This article...

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    How we run our Python tests in hundreds of environments really fast

    How We Run Tests in Hundreds of Environments Really Fast Anton describes the test setup at...

  • The Origins of Python | Hacker News

    The Origins of Python This discussion is around the excellent article by Lambert Meertens called The...

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    Everyday Project Packaging With pyproject.toml – Real Python

    Everyday Project Packaging With pyproject.toml In this Code Conversation video course, you’ll learn how to package...

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    Always Use [closed, open) Intervals “Intervals or ranges pop-up everywhere in the programming world. The classic...

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    Snyk Top 10 Open Source Vulnerabilities 2022

    Top 10 Vulns Impacting Open Source in 2022 You might know all about the incredibly useful...

  • 16 Reasons to Use VS Code for Developing Jupyter Notebooks - Practical Business Python

    16 Reasons to Use VS Code for Developing Jupyter Notebooks “Visual Studio Code is one of...

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    pyasmtool/ at master · MoserMichael/pyasmtool

    Python Bytecode Explained When a Python program is run, the interpreter first parses your code and...

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    plydata: Piping for pandas

    plydata: Piping for Pandas The plydata Python package enables you to use the pipe operator, ">>",...

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    Can we have that in Python too?

    REPL Driven Development REPL Driven Development is about fast feedback loops during development. It is not...

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    Python JSONPath with Example - ItsMyCode

    Python JSONPath With Example JSONPath is an expression language that is used to parse the JSON...

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    Docker compose with Django 4, Celery, Redis and Postgres

    Deploy Django, Celery, Redis & Postgres With Docker-Compose Deployments can be painful. This article describes one...

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    Private, “Protected” Attributes in Python — Demystified Once and For All

    Private, “Protected” Attributes in Python Demystified A guide to private and protected attributes in Python, learn...

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    Investigating a backdoored PyPi package targeting FastAPI applications | Datadog Security Labs

    Investigating a Backdoored PyPI Package Targeting FastAPI Using an open source security scanner, the authors found...

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    GitHub - Acreom/quickadd: Parse natural language time and date expressions in python

    quickadd: Parse Natural Language Time and Date Expressions GITHUB.COM/ACREOM

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    GitHub - DavidVujic/python-polylith: Tooling support for the Polylith Architecture in Python.

    Python Tools for the Polylith Architecture GITHUB.COM/DAVIDVUJIC • Shared by David Vujic

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    GitHub - hpcaitech/ColossalAI: Colossal-AI: A Unified Deep Learning System for Big Model Era

    Colossal-AI: Unified Deep Learning System for Big Model Era GITHUB.COM/HPCAITECH

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    Home | PyData Global 2022

    PyData Global 2022 December 1 to December 4, 2022 PYDATA.ORG

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    Episode #133: Moving Projects Away From Passwords With WebAuthn and Python – The Real Python Podcast

    Moving Projects Away From Passwords With WebAuthn What if you didn’t have to worry about managing...

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    Mastodon for Python Devs

    Mastodon for Python Devs Want more information about Mastodon and how Python folks are interacting with...

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    Python MQTT Tutorial: Store IoT Metrics with InfluxDB | InfluxData

    Python MQTT Tutorial: Store IoT Metrics with InfluxDB Learn how to create a smart sensor using...

  • What’s New In Python 3.12 — Python 3.12.0a2 documentation

    What’s New in Python 3.12 This article in the Python development docs outlines all the changes...

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    PyTexas 2023

    PyTexas 2023 Early Registration and Call for Papers PYTEXAS.ORG • Shared by Mason Egger

  • Ask HN: Alternative ways to make money with coding and system skills? | Hacker News

    Alternative Ways to Make Money With Coding and Skills? HACKER NEWS

  • Python 3.12.0 is to remove long-deprecated items | Hacker News

    Python 3.12.0 Will Remove Long-Deprecated Items HACKER NEWS

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    Build the modular monolith first

    Build the Modular Monolith First “Even talking about building a monolith today, is a bit taboo....

  • Tools for rewriting Python code

    Tools for Rewriting Python Code An annotated list for tools that improve your Python code. Includes...

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    Display a message box with Python without using a non-standard library or other dependency (Windows)

    Calling Windows Message Boxes Directly From Python Want a pop-up message box on Windows without having...

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    Deploy a Django App With Gunicorn and Nginx – Real Python

    Deploy a Django App With Gunicorn and Nginx Ready to take your Django app beyond development?...

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    How to Benchmark (Python) Code

    How to Benchmark (Python) Code There are plenty of ways to measure the speed of your...

  • Infosys leaked FullAdminAccess AWS keys on PyPi for over a year

    Infosys Leaked AWS Keys on PyPI for Over a Year Tom got a bit of an...

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    Adding types to a large Python codebase | Dagster Blog

    Adding Types to a Large Python Codebase Moving an existing Python code base to 100% typed...

  • Python 3.11 micro-benchmark

    Python 3.11 Micro Benchmark Unless you’ve been asleep, you’ve probably heard that Python 3.11 is faster....

  • Parallelization in Python: The Easy Way

    Parallelization in Python: The Easy Way The article introduces parallelization in Python using multiprocessing.Pool() in combination...

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    GitHub - kushaldas/johnnycanencrypt: Python module for OpenPGP written in Rust.

    johnnycanencrypt: Python Module for OpenPGP GITHUB.COM/KUSHALDAS

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    python-notes/ at main · afizs/python-notes

    Common Python Cheatsheets GITHUB.COM/AFIZS

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    GitHub - slidoapp/dbt-coverage: One-stop-shop for docs and test coverage of dbt projects.

    dbt-coverage: Docs and Test Coverage of DBT Projects GITHUB.COM/SLIDOAPP • Shared by Marek Suppa

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    GitHub - joweich/chat-miner: Lean parsers and visualizations for chat data

    chat-miner: Lean Parsers and Visualizations for Chat Data GITHUB.COM/JOWEICH

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    Pyjamas 2022

    Pyjamas Conf 2022 November 26 to November 28, 2022 PYJAMAS.LIVE

  • Building Generator Pipelines in Python

    Building Generator Pipelines in Python Generator pipelines allow you to string calls together so that the...

  • Inline caches in the Skybison Python runtime

    Inline Caches in the Skybison Python Runtime Inline caching is a popular technique for optimizing dynamic...