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    Wagtail Space US 2024

    Wagtail Space US June 20 to June 23, 2024 WAGTAIL.SPACE

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    String Interpolation in Python: Exploring Available Tools – Real Python

    String Interpolation in Python: Exploring Available Tools In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the different tools...

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    Notebooks for Fundamentals of Music Processing This is a collection of Python Notebooks for teaching and...

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    Python's many command-line utilities

    Python’s Many Command-Line Utilities This article describes every command-line tool included with Python, each of which...

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    String Interpolation in Python: Exploring Available Tools Quiz – Real Python

    String Interpolation in Python (Quiz) Take this quiz to test your understanding of the available tools...

  • Python Insider: Python 3.12.4 released

    Python 3.12.4 Released See the full list of changes in this release CPYTHON DEV BLOG

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    PEP 712 – Adding a “converter” parameter to dataclasses.field |

    PEP 712 Rejected This Python Enhancement Proposal “Adding a ‘converter’ parameter to dataclasses.field” was determined to...

  • Python Insider: Python 3.13.0 beta 2 released

    Python 3.13.0 Beta 2 Released CPYTHON DEV BLOG

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    What Are CRUD Operations? – Real Python

    What Are CRUD Operations? CRUD operations are the cornerstone of application functionality. Whether you access a...

  • What we talk about when we talk about System Design

    What We Talk About When We Talk About System Design Mahesh talks about the rules he...

  • MindsDB

    Get Your Own AI Agent to Answer Questions From Your Database Introducing “Database Mind” - a...

  • Statically Typed Functional Programming with Python 3.12

    Statically Typed Functional Programming With Python 3.12 This detailed article looks at how to use the...

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    How to Annotate a Graph with Matplotlib and Python - Mouse Vs Python

    How to Annotate a Graph With Matplotlib and Python The Matplotlib package is great for visualizing...

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    `bytes`: The Lesser-Known Python Built-In Sequence • And Understanding UTF-8 Encoding

    bytes: The Lesser-Known Python Built-in Sequence The bytes data type looks a bit like a string,...

  • Reflecting on one year of being an Engineering Manager

    Reflecting on One Year of Being an Engineering Manager “Being a manager is a focus change...

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    Testing with Python (part 6): Fake it...

    Testing With Python: Fake It This article is on using mock in your Python testing and...

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    GitHub - google/mesop

    Mesop: Build Web Apps in Python GITHUB.COM/GOOGLE

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    GitHub - Kozea/WeasyPrint: The awesome document factory

    WeasyPrint: The Awesome Document Factory GITHUB.COM/KOZEA

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    GitHub - jazzband/django-axes: Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.

    django-axes: Track of Failed Login Attempts in Django GITHUB.COM/JAZZBAND

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    Django Girls Abraka on 14th June 2024

    Django Girls Abraka Workshop 2024 June 13 to June 15, 2024 DJANGOGIRLS.ORG

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    PyAtl: Atlanta Python Programmers | Meetup

    Python Atlanta June 13 to June 14, 2024 MEETUP.COM

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    PyData London 2024

    PyData London 2024 June 14 to June 17, 2024 PYDATA.ORG

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    Python BarCamp der Leipzig Python User Group 2024

    PyCamp Leipzig 2024 June 15 to June 17, 2024 BARCAMPS.EU

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    Where's William? How Quickly Can You Find Him? • What's a Python Hashable Object?

    What’s a Python Hashable Object? You can ignore reading about hashable objects for quite a bit....

  • PyCon US 2024 Recap — Portfolio 0.1 documentation

    PyCon US 2024 Recap Part travelogue, part conference diary, Katherine writes about her experience at PyCon...

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    Webinar | Saga Pattern Simplified: Building Sagas with Temporal

    [Video] Saga Pattern Simplified: Building Sagas with Temporal In this on-demand webinar, we give an overview...

  • One way to fix Python circular imports

    One Way to Fix Python Circular Imports Python circular imports can be confusing. Simply using a...

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    Withdraw most of my ownership in favor of Mark by gvanrossum · Pull Request #119611 · python/cpython

    Guido Withdraws Ownership From Core Interpreter Associated HN Discussion GITHUB.COM/PYTHON

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    Call for Proposals | Django Day Copenhagen 2024

    Django Day Copenhagen 2024 Call for Proposals DJANGO DAY

  • Ask HN: What would you spend your time working on if you didn't need money? | Hacker News

    What Would You Spend Time on if You Didn’t Need Money? HACKER NEWS

  • Three Laws of Software Complexity (or: why software engineers are always grumpy)

    Three Laws of Software Complexity Mahesh states that most software engineers (particularly those working on infrastructural...

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    Efficient Iterations With Python Iterators and Iterables – Real Python

    Efficient Iterations With Python Iterators and Iterables In this video course, you’ll learn what iterators and...

  • PropelAuth - Authentication for B2B products

    Authentication Your Whole Team Will Love “With PropelAuth, I think I’ve spent about a day –...

  • My BDFL guiding principles |

    My BDFL Guiding Principles Daniel is the Benevolent Dictator For Life of the curl library, and...

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    Writing fast string ufuncs for NumPy 2.0

    Writing Fast String ufuncs for NumPy 2.0 NumPy 2.0 is coming shortly and has loads of...

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    How Python Compares Floats and Ints: Why It Can Give Surprising Results

    How Python Compares Floats and Integers Floating point isn’t a precise representation, this can mean that...

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    Thinking about running for the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors? Let’s talk!

    Thinking About Running for the PSF Board of Directors? The Python Software Foundation runs office hours...

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    How EuroPython Proposals Are Selected: An Inside Look

    How EuroPython Proposals Are Selected This post from the folks at EuroPython walks you through how...

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    Django Enhancement Proposal 14: Background Workers

    Django Enhancement Proposal 14: Background Workers A DEP is like a PEP, but for Django. There...

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    How to Create Pivot Tables With pandas – Real Python

    How to Create Pivot Tables With pandas In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create pivot...

  • Essays on programming I think about a lot

    Essays on Programming I Think About a Lot A collection of essays on software from a...

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    GitHub - pomponchik/antitesting: A Pytest plugin that allows you to describe disabled tests in one or more files

    Pytest Plugin to Disable Tests in One or More Files GITHUB.COM/POMPONCHIK • Shared by Evgeniy Blinov...

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    GitHub - toruseo/UXsim: Vehicular traffic flow simulator in road network, written in pure Python

    UXsim: Vehicular Traffic Flow Simulator in Road Network GITHUB.COM/TORUSEO

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    GitHub - fgmacedo/python-statemachine: Python Finite State Machines made easy.

    Python Finite State Machines Made Easy GITHUB.COM/FGMACEDO • Shared by Fernando Macedo

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    IndyPy Panel: AI Powered by Python, Tue, Jun 11, 2024, 7:00 PM | Meetup

    IndyPy Hosts “AI Powered by Python Panel” June 11, 2024 MEETUP.COM • Shared by Laura Stephens

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    Wagtail Space NL

    Wagtail Space NL June 12 to June 15, 2024 WAGTAIL.SPACE