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    Library to manage OS environment variables and application configuration options with ease

  • Visualizing the Loss Landscape of Neural Nets

    The paper explores the structure of neural loss functions, and the effect of loss landscapes on...

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    Machine Learning Refined - Foundations, Algorithms and Applications

    The companion website for the excellent book "Machine Learning Refined" 2nd edition by Jeremy Watt, Reza...

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    Deep Learning Illustrated

    The companion website for the highly educational and well-written book by Jon Krohn et al on...

  • LEGO blocks and organ transplants

    People have been comparing software components to LEGO blocks for a couple decades. We should be...

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    Protectionism - Wikipedia


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    Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing - AI for Marketing Operations

    This book by Ilya Katsov from Grid Dynamics isn’t just about machine learning and economic modeling....