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    Satellite Constellations Are an Existential Threat for Astronomy

    Yet another call for action related to satellite constellations and their significant harm to ground-based astronomy.

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    Why NASA Is Trying to Crash Land on Mars

    NASA is testing a design for a crumpling high-velocity landing shield

  • Amazing Achievements From Parker Solar Probe – Parker Solar Probe

    Parker Solar Probe has by far the fastest heliocentric velocity

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    Teams Assess Mobile Launcher and Pad After Successful Artemis I launch

    Artemis I’s launch tower and deluge systems performed as designed

  • DrChrisCombs - I’ve never come close...

    I’ve never come close to understanding orbital mechanics What a fascinating trip home for Orion (Great...

  • NASA’s LunaH-Map Post-Launch Update – LunaH-Map Mission

    failed to perform a propulsive maneuver during its lunar flyby

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    Past mistakes to avoid in our grand return to the Moon this decade

    A review of all the ways lunar spacecraft and landers have broken prematurely

  • NASA_Johnson - Houston, we have a...

    Houston, we have a new record 🌎 On Saturday Nov. 26, at 8:40 a.m. ET, @NASA_Orion...

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    Roll Out Solar Array - Wikipedia

    iROSA roll-out solar arrays

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    CAPSTONE Forges New Path for NASA’s Future Artemis Moon Missions

    CAPSTONE has completed its series of maneuvers

  • NASA Program Predicted Impact of Small Asteroid Over Ontario, Canada

    we spotted an asteroid in space before it impacted the Earth

  • China launches Yaogan-36 remote sensing satellite

    China launched a Yaogan-36 EO satellite on a Long March 2D

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    Project Olympus

    Project Olympus

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    PixxelSpace - Deployment successful!

    Deployment successful!

  • Thybolt 1, 2

    amateur radio satellites

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    South Korean leader eyes “landing on moon in 2032, Mars in 2045” - SpaceNews

    South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol announced plans for a domestic space agency

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    Ice loss from Northeastern Greenland significantly underestimated

    northeast Greenland losing six times more ice by the end of the century than previously thought

  • NASA's Webb Draws Back Curtain on Universe's Early Galaxies

    JWST recently imaged what appear to be two of the very earliest galaxies ever detected, formed...