Bookmarks (20)

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    See what makes this country so captivating, from picturesque rice paddies to striking cityscapes

  • The Long History of Art Inspired by Solar Eclipses

    For centuries, curious artists have been trying to make sense of the celestial event

  • This Artist Turned to Painting Animals in a Turbulent Historical Moment

    The German Expressionist painter Franz Marc found a subject worth celebrating in the early 20th century

  • In the Face of Prejudice, the ‘Black Swans’ Took the Ballet World by Storm

    A new book shows how pioneering ballerinas captivated audiences and broke racial barriers

  • How Kids Cornered the Market on Lemonade

    The tangy tale of how America’s children learned to squeeze life for all it’s worth

  • When Hollywood Needs a Historically Accurate Outfit That Looks Just Right, It Turns to Rabbit Goody

    How do filmmakers get period clothing to look the part? Inside the textile workshop where the...

  • Before Beyonce and Taylor Swift Ran the World, There Was Joan Baez

    Today’s artists—especially women—are sometimes criticized for speaking out, but for Baez, art and activism were indivisible

  • These 15 Moving Photos Celebrate Black History Month

    To mark the February heritage month, these images from the Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest offer proof...

  • Pioneering Artist Angelica Kauffman Put Women at Center Stage

    The history paintings of this great Neoclassical artist prove the wonderful benefits that inclusion can bring

  • Inside the Biggest Art Fraud in History

    A decades-long forgery scheme ensnared Canada’s most famous Indigenous artist, a rock musician turned sleuth and...

  • Feast Your Eyes on the Stunning Islamic Art in This New Exhibition

    A sumptuous new show in Los Angeles aims to leave museumgoers hungry for more

  • How John Coltrane's 'My Favorite Things' Changed American Music

    Looking back at the moment when one of our greatest jazzmen raised the stakes for everyone...

  • Ai Weiwei's Latest Work Is a Monument to His Past

    The groundbreaking, exiled Chinese artist builds a hopeful new life—and a new studio, in the Portuguese...

  • How the Obscure Sport of Pickleball Became King of the Court

    With origins dating back to the 16th century, paddle sports have always had an unmistakable allure

  • Mickey Mouse and Many Other Beloved Creations, Including Peter Pan and 'Mack the Knife,' Are About to Enter the Public Domain

    Almost a century after the cartoon mouse made his first appearance, he finally belongs to everyone—sort...

  • The Books We Loved

    Smithsonian editors choose their favorite (mostly) nonfiction of (mostly) 2023

  • The Best Board Games of 2023

    In this year's tabletop favorites, play as bees in space, Chinese emperors, fox breeders, women suffragists,...