Working on social media is okay but crafting engaging social media content is a completely different job. There are some promising ideas that will literally help you out the next time when you are planning to beat writer’s block. It is true that finding fresh content ideas can be a challenging task, especially when you need to post something daily and on multiple platforms.

However, quality and fresh content to attract the user’s attention are very important. It helps readers to be informed about the subject matter too. People are likely to get excited to see the post that you will post next. It helps them to stay engaged with your content more. So, to work on Social media Bahrain well, you must probe towards the best content ideas first.

Videos are there for you:

By this time in 2020, videos are subject to drive around 82% of web traffic. (ref: So, to enjoy better reach and engagement, you have to share video content on all your social media channels. There are multiple options, at present, to choose from. Those are IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat and Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

You have the liberty to share videos on any possible channels. For shorter and fun videos, Tik Tok is the king. It helps in reaching out to younger audiences more.

Creating a daily, weekly, or even monthly series:

If you want to make your social feed feel like an event, it is better to start a series. Here, you get the chance to interact with followers and fans daily.

The importance of Twitter summaries:

Twitter is mainly famous for its character-based posts. This platform is perfect for the innovative and summary-writing project. So, if you want, you can ask employees to consolidate takeaways from any current topic and paste them on their Twitter accounts. It helps others to not just understand the topic well, but organize points coherently and capture the central idea well.

Working on company news:

Sharing anything interesting about your firm on social media feeds can turn out to be great content! However, don’t forget to personalize it. You can easily share a photo of your team, for example, after winning a new big client. Or you can just introduce a new product or any major hire in place of posting a link to your company’s press release.

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