Infertility Specialist & Affordable IVF Treatment In India

  • Who we are
  • IVF is the advanced lab procedure provided by Sofat Infertility Center which is renowned IVF center in Punjab. We provide treatment to couples that are coping with the infertility issues and remain deprived of having their baby. Advanced and pioneered technologies, highly trained professional technicians help the infertile couple to realize their dream of having their genetic baby.

    Our prime objective is to provide best quality treatment to the patients that are suffering due to the variety of infertility issues. Dr. Sumita Sofat is known for feasible results of successful pregnancies with the reproductive techniques like IUI, IVF, Donor Sperms, ICSI, Egg donations, Embryo Donation, Surrogacy. She is expert enough in infertility treatment, IVF diagnosis and other issues related to pregnancy.

    We have the team of reproduction experts that work under the experienced Dr. Sumita Sofat and put team efforts for successful IVF treatment. Our best quality and positive results speak for us and it is the prime reason for the chain of patients to choose us.

  • Our Treatments
  • Assisted Reproduction technique used for infertility treatment. It is designed to increase eggs and sperms count or bring them together, result in improving pregnancy. 

    Infertility treatment range for the external medical process, which based upon nature of problems. Its first step is to measure awareness of fertile period and social interventions like alcohol, relaxation therapy. 

    Treatments Ovulation Introduction it is an irregular ovulation to females. Medicines provided to regularize the ovulation cycle and also increase the quality of the egg. You are in trouble than one question which is come to mind how to find a doctor. We write here detailed information about our IVF centre.

    1. Our IVF centre is in India where infertility treatment provided it’s easy to locate.2. Comfortable rooms, Hotels are also available nearby.3. In IVF Centre, all payment modes like credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer of payment.4. The environment of our IVF center is so co-operative.5. Doctors Expert and Knowledgeable which results our IVF center groom so soon.6. 24/7 hours emergency services available here.

    7. The success rate of our IVF centre is so high for Infertility treatment.

  • What we do
  • Fertility Centre’s helps Childless Couples with Quality services of IVF also known as test tube baby, IUI, Egg Donation, Surrogacy, ICSI and Embryo Donation. Long Time journey of Experience Worldwide.  Its honor to make families complete our commitment. This is the reason we are the best choice for countless couples in India and World.

    We have currently Patients from different Cities like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Patiala, Mansa, Moga, Bathinda, Samrala, Kapurthala, Ropar, Mohali, Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, Delhi and much more cities of India. In Vitro Fertilization is a process when women’s egg and man’s sperm joining in a lab for fertilization sperm attached with egg. In General Egg and Sperm joining processed inside woman’s body. If this process success then womb grow, it is a natural process with this a normal couple conceive a baby.

    A process a described as a reproduction Technique used to become woman pregnant. It’s one of most successful technique use for Conceive. This Process is used in Infertility treatment cases when a couple can’t conceive a natural way.

    Test Tube Baby Centre in Ludhiana, It is a Fertility Treatment centre for infertility clients. If anyone having infertility issues, they can get treatment here at popular IVF center. Check Information about infertility clinic and Infertility Treatment here in India.

  • Infertility Overview
  • Anxiety accumulates every woman once she learns about her inability to conceive. You worry about the public eye and even forget your own needs and peace of mind as a human being. This isn’t a state you desired because you watch your future threatened by uncontrollable circumstances.

    You are not alone in this, Sofat Infertility centre is an advanced infertility centre you can count on in this battle. We completely understand that bringing forth a life in this world is a beautiful thing and when you watch your baby grow up to be that man or woman you desired, it’s just magical.

    Opting for Assisted Reproductive Technology stands as the best option or rather the last option for any couple having failed to conceive naturally within a year, two or more.

    Sofat Infertility centre is now a prominent IVF centre due to the excellent advanced infertility treatments provided to every infertile couple. We follow a personalized treatment approach for every couple thereby ascertaining the best treatments regardless of the cause of infertility.

  • About Our Centre
  • Sofat Infertility Centre is one of the oldest infertility centres in India. It presently acts as a major consultancy centre for most of the other infertility centres plus couples from abroad and the citizens of India.

    A number of infertile patients have managed to reach the level of parenthood after being treated by India’s infertility specialist. Doctor Sumita Sofat is a dedicated, experienced and well-trained fertility expert, obstetrician, and gynecologist who has managed to surpass the stressful threat of infertility.

    Through partnering with the global infertility specialists from China, US, among others, doctor Sumita Sofat has incorporated standardized fertility protocols and practices in her own centre.

    The leading female infertility specialist has never looked back ever since she began the presently renowned centre decades back. As the saying goes, from rags to riches, doctor Sofat is now a specialist that every infertile couple would love to meet.

    Our mission is to combat infertility and bring forth new life through quality ART protocols.

    We take all necessary steps to provide required infertility treatments after consultation.

    We are focused to bring forth a healthy baby/babies for all struggling with infertility.  

    Doctor Sumita Sofat is the backbone of our infertility centre, but there are numerous infertility specialists behind the excellent work performed at our centre.

    We believe that our efforts and developed extraordinary methods will attain higher goals for us and our patients.

  • Our Modern ART Practices
  • ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) requires general expertise for successful treatments. It is basically technical and requires a complete evaluation during screening, consultation, laparoscopic procedures, laboratory procedures, embryo screening, and transfer.

    ART practices mainly require a trained fertility scientist to combine eggs and sperms in a petri dish in order to form a zygote which is then cultured to form an embryo. The embryo will then be cultured until cell division occurs and an embryologist will have to screen the embryo of any genetic defects, natural damage and its eligibility to implant.

    The newest procedures such as laser-assisted hatching, where a gap is created in the egg’s zona (outermost part) allows the embryo to hatch out and implant easily.

    The other procedure remains Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA), a state-of-the-art test performed to evaluate a woman’s endometrial receptivity from a molecular perspective. This procedure helps  to increase a woman’s chances of embryo implantation after it is transferred into her uterus.  

    Sofat infertility centre is a pioneer in providing the latest IVF protocols that include; Laser Assisted Hatching, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Counseling, Cryopreservation, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Transvaginal Ultrasonography, TESA, TESE, MESA, Blastocyst Culture & Transfer, Egg Freezing, Laparoscopy, Surrogacy, Donor Embryo, Donor Sperms, Donor Egg, Hysteroscopy, GIFT among others.  

    Sofat infertility centre is truly a world-class centre that provides various infertility treatments and solutions under one roof. The multidisciplinary centre consists of a fully equipped laboratory with modern tools and instruments such as; oxygen controller to retrofit C02 incubators, IVF equipment and consumables, RI IMSI, EZ-Grip Pipettor, Cryolock vitrification device, RI witness, among others. 

    Understanding ART practices

    ART is a scientifically developed mechanism that involves egg, sperm, and embryo manipulation with a major aim of combating infertility.

    In some cases, in what is termed as unexplained infertility, a woman’s hope of conceiving is unfolded through ART protocols. There are many procedures that may be required to eliminate the actual source of infertility.

    Our team of experienced and trained specialists, embryologists, and nurses works tirelessly to increase every couple’s chances of attaining a child or children in life. 

    Are you tired of irresponsible infertility doctors?

    A number of infertile patients/couples complain about multiple failed IVF treatment cycles that result from the irresponsibility of doctors at some infertility centres.

    There are also worries that one’s eggs or sperms may be interchanged and replaced with matchless sperms and eggs.

    That is completely prohibited at Sofat infertility centre. There are no compromises allowed at our centre with the fact that we deliver quality infertility services with specialized instruments, methods, protocols.

    Every patient’s sample is carefully kept and never replaced with other patients’ samples.

  • Personalized Patient’s Approach
  • Doctor Sumita Sofat alongside her infertility doctors, chemists, embryologists, and nurses utilize a professional manner while attending to their patients. Every couple is allocated to a team of caretakers who are responsible for the couple’s samples, tests, and related medical information.

    We truly understand every patient’s plight and 100% work towards your major goal of getting a child in life. We guide you every step until we help you bring forth your baby. We are patient-friendly and that is we have earned the trust of a majority of patients.

    Are you scared of the IVF treatments due to risks and complications?

    It is normal to fear IVF due to the certain and unpredictable complications that some patients face during treatment.

    Our experienced team at Sofat infertility centre applies every method to prevent certain risks like multiple births, hyper ovarian stimulation, ectopic pregnancies, failed IVF treatments among others.

    Our standardized and world-class practices will automatically eliminate various risks and complications.

  • Join us, Celebrate with Us!
  • Doctor Sumita Sofat has just won another award for being an inspiring infertility specialist in India. This comes after her enormous dedication and tireless efforts towards eliminating male and female infertility.

    Approach the best female infertility specialist in case you desire to start a family in your life. Take another route to our infertility centre in case you have suffered multiple failed infertility treatments, we are ready to help you through our expertise.

    Sofat infertility centre brings forth hundreds of healthy babies annually and we will never stop sharing our success stories with our patients. We always try to attain success through convenient and friendly treatments thereby reducing stress from patients.

  • Where To Find Us
  • Sofat infertility centre is generally situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, but with multiple chain centres almost in every Indian city. We specifically handle every patient’s sample and only release them to concerned fertility experts for evaluation and further studies.

    We cooperate with advanced fertility centres, laboratories and chemists to provide excellent treatments to our patients. Book an online appointment, call us or approach us at our main centre in Ludhiana 9, college road, near Rose Garden.