Mango Pickle Chicago and Other Notable Indian Hospitality Brands Creating Waves Worldwide

The hospitality industry in India is booming and similarly; India is exporting its unique brand of hospitality worldwide. We have long been for serving our guests the very way one would serve God. However, Indian hospitality brands are taking this approach many notches higher with an emphasis on luxury accommodation, world class facilities, fine wining and dining, and an overall focus on indulgence in the best. Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at Mango Pickle Chicago and other leading Indian hospitality industry entities, that are creating waves in the country, and around the world.
Chicago’s Introduction to Desi Cuisine
Indian cuisine has found favor in the Western Hemisphere and while we have long been known to export our cuisine to some of the world’s largest cities including New York and London; Mango Pickle in Chicago is revolutionizing the way western patrons look at fine Indian food.
Indian food at Mango Pickle is not merely an exotic indulgence; the restaurant and all that it has to offer epitomizes luxury dining at its finest. From stuffed Melrose Pepper Pakoras to Feni exported from Goa; Mango Pickle is introducing Chicago to desi cuisine; the likes of which it has never seen before.
No; Mango Pickle does not merely rely on cliché desi food such as Tandoori Chicken or Kebabs to lure in its patrons. Instead, this restaurant is experimenting with Indian flavors to present Indian cuisine in an all new avatar.
The Conrad Pune is literally this city’s lap of luxury; gaining favor from Indian and international patrons alike, for its luxury 5-star accommodation, and world class facilities.
This flagship Hilton hotel in Pune is creating buzz for being the epitome of luxurious accommodation in the heart of Pune, and though a stay here comes at a steep price; for those that won't compromise on comfort and luxury, the accommodations here, be it a VIP suit or the average single occupant room, is worth every penny.
This luxurious 5-star property is a hospitality industry highlight in Pune, Maharashtra, and has featured in the leading luxury magazines in India and abroad. The Conrad Pune aspires to and succeeds in providing an accommodation experience that meets the highest of industry standards and enjoys ratings online that are comparable to hospitality industry majors such as the TWA Hotel at JFK or even the Park Plaza Westminster in London.
Know More About India’s Leading Luxury Hospitality Brands
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