Top 7 amazing places for delicious food and drinks in Dubai

Top 7 amazing places for delicious food and drinks in Dubai Dubai, a city that has sprouted out from the banks of the Persian Gulf dazzles with light, splendor and amazing landmarks. It is a futuristic city brimming with new ideas, teaming with multi-culture and sparkling with opulence. The food of Dubai is a reflection of its culture, a hybrid of various cuisines around the world. As a food blogger and gastronomist, I will list for you today some of the best restaurants I went to Dubai. Cuisine of Dubai Dubai is packed with all the international restaurants, barbecue, Thai, whatever, name it and it's here. The restaurants are pricey all right, but your life will be made simple with discounts from Noon promo codes. But what's more interesting is that you will not find many restaurants serving true Arab food in Dubai. Al Marhabani Restaurant This restaurant was established in the year 2000 and serves mandi and traditional cuisines. Mandi is a Yemeni dish that is cooked in an underground oven. Another dainty dish served is the lamb dish that will melt in your mouth. This is a costly restaurant so it's better to use Noon coupon codes UAE at checkout. Al Labeeb Grocery This is a little pearl in the food ocean of Dubai. It is a small Iranian grocery and you will be delighted to eat their Regag bread. This original gem comes topped with egg, cheese, and sauce from the Gulf. Go online use Centrepoint promo code UAE and get huge discounts on your grocery bill. AL Ustad Special Kabab This eatery has been around since the developmental boom of the city. Legendary will be an understatement for this exemplary restaurant. They are most famous for their selection of kababs which is out of this world. I loved the yogurt marinated kababs. Bu Qtari This is by far the most popular restaurant in Dubai. Started off as an oceanside food shack it is now is an indoor eatery. I tried their fish and prawns marinated in the South Indian style and believe me they are heavenly. Use noon promo codes for additional offers. Folly, Madinat Jumeirah This is a European restaurant with a rooftop bar. It overlooks the fabulous Madinat canal and the Burj Al Arab. Try the red mullet, sirloin beef, and red wine. Ambar, Jumeirah al Naseem This bar has the best views of the Burj Al Arab and the food is lip-smacking. Inspired by Arabic culture with mezze plates- hummus, and falafel this place is a just wow. Cargo, Pier 7 This Asian restaurant offers exclusive platters for you. I tried the vegetarian platter and dragon platter. They are awesome but don't forget sushi and the Japan miniature glass drinks. Dubai, the land of charms offers you amazing food and drinks to soothe your heart. You will feel an ache once you leave the great shores of Dubai. Your heart will yearn to come back once again to experience the aroma and flavors of this sandy city. For more information please visit