Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole-genome sequencing provides a comprehensive view of entire genome. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) or genome resequencing are ideally suited for genome wide variant identifications and structural variation detection. These SNPs and insertion or deletions constitute the major disease biomarker for human and complex genomes. Latest sequencing instruments like NovaSeq and HiSeq have a high output making whole genome sequencing cost effective. Such improvements in the sequencing throughput are making Whole-genome sequencing a powerful tool in hands of geneticists and clinicians to in identify inherited disorders, characterize clinically relevant biomarkers that drive cancer progression, and tracking disease outbreaks. Whole-genome sequencing has been applied not only to study human genomes but is highly effective method of choice to study economically important livestock and plant genomes along with their diseases causing pathogens.

Genome Sequencing Analysis

Genome Assembly Sequencing analysis is another form of Whole-genome sequencing that helps decode the genome sequence of any given species. A large number of species genomes still remain unsequenced or are sequenced at a low coverage that do not provide deep insights about variants or structural variations. Genome assemblies can assist in plant and animal breeding programs, help with comparative genomes to identify common genetic variations and identification of ethnically important variants that might be missed if a single standard reference is used.

  • Comprehensive view of genetic variations
  • Capture point mutations and large structural variations
  • Provide high resolution assemblies
  • Identify clinically relevant biomarkers for disease studies
  • Rapidly identify infectious and disease causing viruses, bacteria and pathogens
  • Study evolutionary changes in a species or related
  • We have access to the latest sequencing instruments from Illumina, IonTorrent and other manufactures.
  • A group of trained lab scientists to handle your precious samples.
  • High quality sequencing data and rapid turnaround time.
  • Range of bioinformatics data analysis for variant identification, structural variation analysis and customer whole genome sequencing analysis.

Here is a peek at our whole genome resequencing data analysis pipeline. We have optimised various tools and parameters to detect SNPs, INDELS and CNVs in whole genome resequencing data.

Whole Genome Resequencing Data Analysis

Whole Genome Sequencing Service Deliverables

  • Genome resequencing report that includes details of data quality, data analysis workflow, read alignment statistics and SNP and Indel discovered.
Whole Genome Sequencing Alignment
Whole Genome Sequencing Variant
Whole Genome Variant Annotations