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Healthcare is a highly regulated industry facing significant challenge on current business pressures. Healthcare organisation has highest employment pressure interims of searching qualified employees and want to provide the best service for the patients. Most of the hospitals suffer with lack of employee knowledge management. It lets you operate and streamline all the steps involved in creating, assigning and managing your job descriptions.

The software developed by PIE simplifies the recruiting process by automatically bringing forth job demands and position-specific performance assessment using content from your job descriptions. Drive consistency with fairness and ensure every employee has signed off their up-to-date job description. PIE has launched this software which provides human resources in healthcare with a full collection of software tools to help manage all important aspects of clinical practice or hospital HR. PIE™ offers this software that speeds up your recruiting process and helps you hire outstanding candidates every time. And makes it hassle free for HR to put a best-practice succession management program in place. Plus keeps a track of every requirement and candidate during the recruitment procedure in the hospital industry. And let everyone involved know exactly what tasks they need to complete and at what time.

This is the future of medical industry as it has revolutionised the whole processing of HR and made it simple. With this high end software you can easily configure all the healthcare HR processes, document checklist management for quality purpose along with categorising employees by specialisation. Various HR forms like duty handover, various claims and other requests are the highlight of this software. It will not only manage non-employee details, but will also establish commission management and other set up. This software is a pro in the field of medical industry.