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Like many experts in the field, Petite School House believes that children are intrinsically motivated and will learn most between birth to 6 years of age, than any other time in their lives. We are confident that children who participate in an enriched, secure and positive early childhood education will develop the best possible opportunities for intellectual and emotional growth.

Petite School House combines elements of two pedagogies that are recognized as leaders in early childhood education – the Reggio Emilia and Project Approach Methods. As a result, Petite School House has developed a unique, well-balanced curriculum that nurtures the whole child in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and brain development.

The Reggio Emilia Method highlights that children are naturally inquisitive, and eager to learn. Project Approach work involves students working in small groups, brainstorming and designing projects that are personally meaningful. Teachers challenge students to use their higher-order thinking skills. Children represent their knowledge through different modes of expression: drawing, painting, words, sculpture, movement, music and drama. Projects require students to think, to debate different opinions and to look at the world from new perspectives. Project work challenges students both intellectually and emotionally.

Using a variety of concrete materials, students master academic skills in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies. Children gain an excellent foundation to build upon in future years.

To complete your child’s education, he/she is invited to participate in programs such as, Spanish, Music, Karate, Dance, Science, and Physical education.

Petite School House invites you to join us in our mission to promote thinking and focus on the whole child.


At Petite School House we believe that every child is an individual and capable of achieving his/her full potential. Through the combined efforts of educators, parents, and children, it is our goal to:

  • Ensure a secure, positive and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures individual development.
  • Promote health through diverse physical activity and balanced meals.
  • Encourage independent thinking and self-directed learning in a child-centered environment.
  • Foster self-esteem through positive learning experiences with peers and adults.
  • Create opportunities to succeed physically, intellectually and socially.
  • Welcome all children in a non-denominational environment.
  • Facilitate and expand language skills, stimulate curiosity and strengthen gross and fine motor skills.
  • Promote on-going parent, staff and child communication.
  • Have Fun!