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    A Mosaic of Groups Competes in Israel’s Election

    Israeli politics can be tribal, with loyalties to ethnic groups, religious factions and ideologies as strong...

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    To Find Clues in Saudi Oil Attacks, U.S. Examines Missile and Drone Parts

    American investigators are gathering evidence to bolster their claim that Iran was responsible for attacking oil...

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    The Most Powerful Lightning Bolts Strike in Unexpected Places

    Superbolts are extremely rare, and thousands of times more powerful than the tendrils in the typical...

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    Spain Heads to 4th Election in 4 Years After Failure to Form Government

    Spain was plunged into political uncertainty after talks to form a government collapsed, forcing another national...

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    Ecuador Investigates Data Breach of Up to 20 Million People

    The trove of personal details was found on an unsecured server in Florida, though it was...

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    Taliban Make Good on Pledge to Strike Afghan Election Campaign

    Two attacks including one at a rally for President Ashraf Ghani killed at least 48 people,...

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    Hard-Liners in Iran See No Drawback to Bellicose Strategy

    Trying to win sanctions relief, officials in Tehran believe they can lash out against American allies...