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  • Creating a data set and a challenge for deepfakes

    Facebook's AI group is working on a competition for tech that can detect 'deep fakes', together...

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    DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators

    US state car licensing agencies ('DMVs') sell private data, legally, to 'private investigators'. (Maybe the US...

  • AG James Investigating Facebook For Possible Antitrust Violations | New York State Attorney General

    A group of US states are investigating Facebook for a grab-bag of anti-trust issues, from consumer...

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    Stripe Capital: Flexible financing in as little as one day

    Stripe is launching a commercial finance product, giving credit to its customers based on the information...

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    WeChat Unveils New Device That Allows Customers to Pay with Their Face - Pandaily

    WeChat has unveiled a face recognition point-of-sale that lets people use Alipay payment using only their...

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    Amazon Certifies Syntiant Chips for Alexa Devices - Voicebot

    Amazon has certified a chip for embedding Alexa in third-party devices. It's the size of a...

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    Joi Ito has resigned from the MIT Media Lab

    The head of the MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito, resigned as a result of accepting donations...

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    Digital Crackdown: Large-Scale Surveillance and Exploitation of Uyghurs | Volexity

    Volexity, a well-regarded consultancy, analysed Chinese digital surveillance/hacking of Uyghurs. Lots to think about here.

  • Scaling In Lower Cost Locations – AVC

    Fred Wilson on the trend for tech companies to start in SF and then scale in...

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    What’s Your Hour in ‘Silicon Valley Time’?

    Useful, concise description of how the news cycle works.

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    Fashion gives chatbots a second chance

    Apparently the fashion industry is giving chatbots a second chance.

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    'Why I translate all of Trump's tweets into Chinese'

    Translating all of Trump's tweets into Chinese.

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    the Comet

    Compositing thousands of photos together into a real flyover of a comet.

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    Drone racing footage of abandoned coal factory

    Drone racing footage of abandoned coal factory.

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    2018 UK advertising spend hits £23.6bn following nine years of growth - Advertising Association

    Half of UK out-of-home advertising (posters) is actually now done on screens. Screens, everywhere.

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    Commerce Cream

    Commerce Cream - a showcase of D2C branding. So, so many...