Features 🚀

What is Tefter?

An honest, reliable, social bookmarking service.
Our aim is to help individuals and teams organise their bookmarks in the most efficient and intuitive way possible.


Are you already using some other service? That's alright!
We've tried every popular alternative out there before going full steam ahead implementing Tefter.

You can import your bookmarks from the browser, Pocket or Pinboard.


All kinds of bookmarks come alive with our evergrowing list of integrations.

We support previews for YouTube, SoundCloud, MixCloud and others.

For well known document types and sites, we promise to do our best extracting the most meaningful metadata for optimal retrieval and presentation.

Do we have a Slack app? We absolutely do! Have a glance at some of the bundled functionality.


Bookmarking can be better with others.

You can follow other users, subscribe to their lists, share your bookmarks and your notes on them, add bookmarks to your favourites.

There's plenty of feeds to follow, hackernews, new york times, theverge to name a few. More are added daily.


Bookmarking can be better with teams.

Teams enable collaboration, where multiple people can add bookmarks, create link aliases within a Slack workspace. Read more about orgs here.


You can keep your bookmarks just for yourself.

As a Tefter user, you own your data and can export it in full anytime you want. Monetising your data or any of your actions and behaviours in none of our interests. Your profile can either be discoverable by others or hidden.

We don't track you. This is a safe place.

Organising your Bookmarks

Our search is powerful. We bet that it may suffice to find what you need when you need it.

However, that may not always be the case. There's a chance you're like us, feeling satisfied when things are neat and tidy.

On Tefter, you can use a combination of tags, notes and lists to organise your bookmarks.


You can easily add bookmarks on the go using any of our mobile apps.

Tefter is built as a progressive-web-app and can effortlessly be installed on your mobile or your mac.


You can get ideas and inspiration from similar bookmarks - wherever exist - when visiting bookmarks details page.

For example, take a look here.

Experimental features

From time to time we release experimental features for you to play around and give us feedback.

You can use `/scan` keyword in the searchbar to scan a url, create a list with the given url as a name and add all links from the url as bookmarks in this list.

Example: "/scan https://tefter.io"