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    New Zealand narrowly votes no to legalising cannabis in referendum

    Yes campaign garnered 48.4% of votes, while the no vote won 50.7%, meaning the referendum does...

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    Legalising cannabis: what will New Zealanders be asked to vote on in September?

    More than 50% of voters must say yes to the proposed changes for parliament to consider...

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    Stoners cheered when Canada legalised cannabis. How did it go so wrong?

    Growers have gone bust, and the black market is still thrivingThe lights shone more brightly than...

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    Funeral in Germany ends on a high as hash cake accidentally served

    Investigation reveals restaurant employee’s teenage daughter baked cannabis sweet for separate occasionPolice say a funeral in...

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    Jersey grants licence to harvest hemp flowers for CBD oil

    Team of ex-firefighters given go-ahead to legally process crop for cannabidiol extractionJersey has become the first...