faastRuby 0.5 - Develop and Test Serverless Applications using Ruby & Crystal Functions

A couple of weeks ago we quietly rolled out our largest release yet: faastRuby 0.5!

This new release introduces “faastRuby Local” our local development and test toolkit that includes new features focused on enhancing the experience of developing serverless applications using Ruby and Crystal functions. With the additional of Local, faastRuby is now an end-to-end serverless software development platform with everything a developer needs to build, test and run serverless applications in the cloud.

Here is an overview of what we released:

faastRuby Local

FREE and OPEN SOURCE, faastRuby Local is the tool you need to develop, test and deploy function-based applications to the faastRuby Cloud Platform, directly from your favorite code editor. Local code changes can be synchronized with live cloud workspaces in real-time, so you'll know exactly how your application will behave in production as you develop it.



Projects are a new concept in 0.5. They allow you to create a full Web App or API with functions, and the goal is to give it a monolith feeling, but without being a framework.

You can mix Ruby and Crystal in the same app! How cool is that?

Automatic detection of new Ruby and Crystal functions

When you create a folder inside the functions directory and add a file named handler.rb or handler.cr to it, faastRuby Local will detect that you want to create a function and initialize both handler and faastruby.yml for you with automatic language detection.

Live Compilation of Crystal functions

When you use Crystal functions in your app, faastRuby Local will trigger a compile action every time you make a changes to the files, so you all you have to do is write code and hit ⌘+R or CTRL+R in the Browser.

Real-time deploy to the cloud

With the Sync Mode enabled, faastRuby Local will automatically deploy your changes to a cloud workspace in real-time, as you modify your files. You can keep that ⌘+R or CTRL+R going, but now in the cloud!

Support for static assets

Projects have a public directory where you can put static files. They are automatically deployed when Sync Mode is enabled.

Get Started with faastRuby Local

If you already have a previous version of faastRuby, run:

$ gem update faastruby

If you do not have faastRuby installed, run:

$ gem install faastruby

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