Apple is teasing tomorrow’s show time event with a ‘live stream’ of the Steve Jobs theater

By Andrew Liptak

Image: Apple

Apple will hold its show time event tomorrow from the Steve Jobs theater at its Cupertino headquarters in California. It’s expected to unveil a number of new services that highlight its shift into services, including a revamped news service, subscriptions to premium TV channels, and its own original content. Ahead of the event, Apple has been looping a video from the theater today, teasing its focus on television.

The playful video is stylized to look like a CRT television set, and has been switching between a handful of different angles of the theater. Presently, the theater’s screen has a classic Apple screensaver on the screen, although some Twitter users have spotted some other things pop up on the screen, like a screenshot of an incoming call from Captain America himself, Chris Evans. It seems likely that that’s a nod to the shows that Apple is expected to unveil, as Evans is starring in one of them, an eight-episode thriller series called Defending Jacob.

Later on, Apple continued to tease elements of its keynote, showing a text conversation ostensibly between Tim Cook and Kevin Durant, as MacRumors saw:

Another Twitter user pointed out that this isn’t likely a live stream of the theater, noting that the company is probably in the midst of rehearsing for tomorrow’s event.

In addition to announcing its original content offerings, Apple is expected to unveil a bunch of new service offerings: an updated news service, subscription offerings for premium channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime, as well as a subscription gaming service.

Update March 25th, 9:00PM ET: Story updated with Kevin Durant tweet.