Saul Williams – Sha-Clack-Clack

If I could find the spot where truth echoes
I would stand there and whisper memories of my children's future

I would let their future dwell in my past
So that I might live a brighter now
Now is the essence of my domain and it contains All that was and will be And I am as I was and will be because I am and always will be That nigga I am that nigga I am that nigga

I am that timeless nigga that swings on pendelums like vines
Through mines of boobytrapped minds that are enslaved by time

I am the life that supersedes lifetimes, I am It was me with serpentine hair and a timeless stare That with immortal glare turned mortal fear into stone time capsules They still exist as the walking dead, as I do

The original sufferhead, symbol of life and matriarchy

Severed head Medusa, I am I am that nigga I am that nigga! I am that nigga!!

I am a negro! Yes negro, negro from _necro_ meaning death
I overcame it so they named me after it

And I be spitting at death from behind And putting "Kick Me" signs on it's back

Because I am not the son of Sha-Clack-Clack

I am before that, I am before
I am before before
Before death is eternity, after death is eternity There is no death there's only eternity And I be riding on the wings of eternity Like HYAH! HYAH! HYAH! Sha-Clack-Clack But my flight doesn't go undisturbed Because time makes dreams defer And all of my time fears are turning my days into daymares And I live daymares reliving nightmares Of what taunted my past Sha-Clack-Clack, time is beatin my ass And I be havin dreams of chocolate covered watermelons Filled with fried chickens like pinatas With little pickaninny sons and daughters Standing up under them with big sticks and aluminum foil Hittin em, tryin to catch pieces of fallin fried chicken wings And Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are standing in the corners With rifles pointed at the heads of the little children "Don't shoot the children," I shout, "don't shoot the children!" But they say it's too late They've already been infected by time But that shit is before my time I need more time I need more time But it's too late They start shooting at children and killing them! One by one, two by two, three by three, four by four Five by five, six by six, but My spirit is growing seven by seven Faster than the speed of light Cause light only penetrates the darkness that's already there And I'm already there I'm here at the end of the road Which is the beginning of the road beyond time, but Where my niggas at? (Oh shit!) Oh shit, don't tell me my niggas got lost in time My niggas are dying before their time My niggas are serving unjust time

My niggas are dying because of.. time