130 EU businesses sign open letter against Copyright directive Art. 11 & 13 – Nextcloud

By Jos Poortvliet

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

The companies signing this letter to the European Parliament are urging you to vote against Articles 11 and 13 of the proposed copyright directive. The text of the trilogue agreement would harm the European economy and seriously undermine the ability of European businesses to compete with big Internet giants like Google.

We support the goal of the legislation to protect the rights of creators and publishers, but the proposed measures are inadequate to reap these benefits and also fail to strike a fair balance between creators and all other parts of society. The success of our business enterprises will be seriously jeopardized by these heavy-handed EU regulations.

Especially Article 13 is dangerously experimenting with the core foundation of the Internet’s ecosystem. Making companies directly liable for the content of their users forces these businesses to make billions of legal decisions about the legality of content. Most companies are neither equipped nor capable of implementing the automatic content filtering mechanisms this requires, which are expensive and prone to error.

Article 11 is creating a completely new intellectual property right for press publishers. The experience with similar laws in Germany and Spain raises serious doubts about the expected benefits, while the negative impact would be very real. An additional layer of exclusive rights would make it harder to clear the necessary legal hurdles to start new projects. It will make entrepreneurs more hesitant to just launch new projects. Europe would lose any chance to play a significant role on the world stage. Startups that build services based on aggregated online information would go out of business, and every company that publishes press summaries of their appearance in the media would be in violation of this law.

Although the purpose of these regulations is to limit the powers of big US Internet companies like Google or Facebook, the proposed legislation would end up having the opposite effect. Article 13 requires filtering of massive amounts of data, requiring technology only the Internet giants have the resources to build. European companies will be thus forced to hand over their data to them, jeopardizing the independence of the European tech industry as well as the privacy of our users. European companies like ours will be hindered in their ability to compete or will have to abandon certain markets completely.

Given all of these issues it is noteworthy that the final trilogue agreement lacks meaningful safeguards for small and medium enterprises. The broad scope of this law would most likely lead to less new companies being founded in Europe and existing companies moving their headquarters out of Europe. For all those reasons we urge every pro-Startup politician to vote against Article 11 and Article 13.


Frank Karlitschek, Founder & CEO, Nextcloud GmbH, Germany Jutta Steiner, CEO & Founder, Parity, United Kingdom Alan Duric, CTO/COO and Co-Founder, Wire, Switzerland Jon Karlung, CEO Bahnhof AB, Sweden Stefan Lingler, CTO, finderly Gmbh, Austria Philippe Kalaf, CEO, Collabora Limited, United Kingdom Till Faida, CEO, eyeo GmbH, Germany Cătălin Frâncu, Founder, dexonline.ro, Romania Ruth Schöllhammer, Chairwoman of the Managing Board, Deutscher Gründerverband, Germany Sam Tuke, CEO, phpList, United Kingdom Peter Ganten, Founder and CEO, Univention & Chairman, Open Source Business Alliance, Germany p≡p Security SA, Luxembourg Lenard Koschwitz, Senior Director Global Policy, Allied for Startups, EU/Global Erik Muttersbach, CTO, FreightHub, Germany Nitrokey UG, Germany Dom Hallas, Executive Director, The Coalition for a Digital Economy (COADEC), United Kingdom Tobias Gerlinger, CEO, Owncloud, Germany Adela Zábražná, Executive Manager, SAPIE – The Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy, Slovakia Travis Todd, Co-founder, Silicon Allee, Germany Harald Kapper, CEO, Kapper Network-Communications GmbH, Austria Tim Pritlove, Owner, Metaebene Personal Media, Germany Bernd Hilmar, CEO, VIRTEXXA Cloud Services SRL, Romania Frank J. Dürring, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), CEO, condero Aktiengesellschaft, Germany Markus Raunig, Managing Director, AustrianStartups, Austria Mirko Lorenz, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Datawrapper, Germany Brian Joseph, CEO, Kopano BV, Netherlands Dr. Detlef Oertel and Erol Ülükmen, Managing Directors, uib gmbh, Germany Julia Szopa, President of the Board, Startup Poland, Poland Paolo Vecchi,CEO, Omnis Cloud, Luxembourg Timo Hetzel, Managing Director, Undsoversum GmbH, Germany Maddalena Falzoni, CEO, MaadiX, Spain Ralf Becker, CEO, Birgit Becker, CEO, Egroupware GmbH, Germany Gianmarco Carnovale, Chairman, Roma Startup, Italy Ulrich Brandner, CEO, CIB software GmbH, Germany Steffen Weber, CEO, ComputerBase GmbH, Germany evenly GmbH, Germany Pierre Beyssac, CEO & Founder, Eriomem.net, France Stefan Scholz, CEO, Zellwerk GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Schallert.com e.U., Austria Factory, Germany Nicolas Chauvat, CEO, Logilab, France Maik Aussendorf, Managing Director, Bareos GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Richard Marx, COO, Assanti Insurance Technologies, Netherlands Philippe Hemmel, President, Arawa, France Fabio Natali, Director, Reckon Digital, United Kingdom Sebastian Jabbusch, Founder and CEO, Public Impact UG, Germany Labarama, Austria Mario Behling, CEO, OpnTec GmbH, Germany Daniel Hansson, Founder and Owner, T&M Hansson IT AB, Sweden Lars Fassmann, Founder and CEO, chemmedia AG, Germany Alexander Todorov, CEO, Open Technologies Bulgaria, Ltd, Bulgaria Dr. Detlef Hühnlein, CEO, ecsec GmbH, Germany Tom Knienieder, CEO, peaknetworks e.U., Austria Karsten Klein, CEO, metaeffekt GmbH, Germany Thierry Leblond, CEO, Scille, France Dirk Ahrnke, Managing Director, it:25, Germany Gerhard Sternath, CEO/CFO, LINBIT HA-Solutions GmbH, Austria Bernhard Reiter, Managing Director, Intevation GmbH, Germany Alexey Volkov, Founder and CEO, On My Disk, Slovenia Marcel van Duijvendijk, CEO, Wind Engineering Solutions, Netherlands Bozena Jarosz, CEO, SecN UG, Germany Dr.ir Rick van Rein, CTO, OpenFortress B.V., Netherlands Dirk Kutsche, CEO, pro-ite GmbH, Germany Anne Dillard, Pierre Fumet & Cyril Lacoux, Managing Directors, EASTER-EGGS, France Felix Arndt, CEO, fnordserver, Germany Oscar Ortega, CEO, BTACTIC, Spain Clemens Toennies, CEO, Blue Systems GmbH, Germany Ajdin Gazija, CEO and Christian Machalitzky, CTO, NOBUGS IT GmbH, Austria Dirk Breunich, CEO, Donner & Doria Werbeagentur GmbH, Germany Dennis Pennings, CTO, Good Cloud BV, Netherlands Silvina Furnadzhieva, CEO, Double Click Systems Ltd., Bulgaria Samuel John, CEO, OtoJig GmbH, Germany Marius Quabeck, CEO, NerdZoom Media, Germany Martin Wiederkehr, CEO & Partner, Ops One AG, Switzerland Mario Peshev, CEO, DevriX Ltd., Bulgaria Steffen Lindner, CEO, Portknox.net, Germany Tada.city, Netherlands Omnis Systems Ltd, United Kingdom Alexander Nimmervoll, Managing Director, Generalize-IT Solutions OG, Austria Nadine Nüsse, CCO, Innovo Cloud GmbH, Germany Christopher Neal, Director, Twist Development Limited, United Kingdom Werner Klinger, CEO, Neodiffusion, France Liane Hampe, Managing Director, xmera e.K., Germany Markus Frei, Managing Director, Linuxfabrik, Switzerland Dr. Richard Heigl, Co-Founder and CEO, Hallo Welt! GmbH, Germany Sander Venema, Owner, Asteroid Interactive, Netherlands Harald Dittmar, CEO, sys-pro GmbH, Germany Daniel Huhardeaux, CEO, TOOTAi, France Johan Poortvliet, Owner, Adjoadvies bv, Netherlands Philipp Süß, Managing Owner, Ingenieurbüro Süß & friends, Germany Patricia Moncorgé, CEO, Editions D-BookeR, France Ralf Guttmann, CEO, Hyperspace GmbH, Germany Patrick Babonneau, CTO, Eralog, France Thomas Michalak, Owner, Nimmerland Nextcloud Service, Germany Huib Verweij, Owner, X-Scale, Netherlands Nicolas Lantz, Founder and CEO, UBICORE, France Oliver Breidenbach, Director (CEO), Boinx Software Ltd., Germany 360ict, Netherlands Just Software AG, Germany Frédéric Da Vitoria, Owner, FDV Informatique, France Stefan Vartolomeev, CEO & Founder, Pisateli BG, Bulgaria Claudia Behr, Owner, computer & communication, Austria Johan Bernhardsson, CEO, Kafit AB, Sweden Clara Guinea Jaime, CEO, WIKIVITAS SL, Spain Holger Schlichting, Managing Director, PRAXISFELD GmbH, Germany Romain Hurdequint, Founder, The Daily Board Co., France Jörg Günther, Main shareholder, AFI Solutions GmbH, Germany Oslandia, France Ingo Wichmann, CEO, Linuxhotel GmbH, Germany Inventia Plus S.L., Spain Jérémie Lesage, Company Manager, JECI SARL, France Philip Bräunlich, Managing Director, Gerrit van Aaken, Managing Director, whitespace GmbH, Germany Reinhold Baudisch, CEO, Michael Doberer, CEO, durchblicker.at, Austria Robert Gavin, Managing Partner, Sören Tschiersch, Managing Partner, Flens IT Solutions GmbH, Germany Hal Hughes, Director, TeeBase UK Ltd., United Kingdom Sebastian Software GmbH, Germany Florent Manens, CEO, BeeZim, France Linnart Unger, Founder and Managing Director, Studio GOOD digital GmbH, Germany Ing. Mag. Dr. Vincenz Leichtfried, CEO, LV7 Media Services, Austria Mark Heckes, Managing Director, complingua GmbH, Germany Andrej Stojanovič, CEO, A-com spletne storitve, Slovenia Ingomar Otter, Director Technology & Innovation, Valtech Mobility GmbH, Germany Josef Mayerhofer, Executive Director, WVNET, Austria Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH, Germany Julien Fastré, Administrator, Champs Libres Cooperative SCRLFS, Belgium fullstax GmbH & CO. KG, Germany Bauspenglerei Sukup-Groetzer OG, Austria Biker-Boarder, Germany Autonom Health GesundheitsbildungsGmbH, Austria Nerdlichter AG, Germany Tripple Internet Content Services, Austria Yaltik, France Konrad Koch, CTO, pantaBio AG, Germany Nicolas Ducoulombier, Founder and CEO, Sébastien Ducoulombier, Founder and CEO, Julien Steinhauser, CEO, Les Développements Durables, France

Ansgar H. Licher, Co-Founder & CEO, Martin Werthmöller, Co-Founder & CTO, Lwsystems GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

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Mathias Bartholomäus, CEO and founder, studio.201 software GmbH, Germany Tomas Vondra, Technical director, Home at Cloud, Czech Republic Marcus Toth, CEO, Beamy Lake GmbH, Austria Christopher Atlan, Owner, Letter Opener GmbH, Austria Dennis Nissen, CEO, naymspace GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Max Seelemann, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Torsten Markmann, Managing Director, Uplinked UG, Germany Pavel Volk, Owner, Pavel Volk – Bischofstein, Czech Republic Reinblau eG, Germany Błażej Sołtowski, CEO & Co-Founder, MLabs sp. z o.o., Poland Dennis Nissen, CEO, naymspace software GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Maik Derstappen, CEO, Derico, Germany Peter Faxe Lachenmair, Owner, lachenmair.info – it consulting, Germany Redon Skikuli, Business Development, Collective68, Albania Aris Ntatsis, CEO, Onscreen Web Services, Greece Nikos Roussos, Founder, Autoverse, Greece Eduardo Díaz Comellas, CEO, Ultreia Comunicaciones, SL, Spain Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes, Owner, Midvinter Holzhandwerk, Germany Youthweb e.V., Germany Elio Quoshi, Founder, Ura Design, Albania Jérôme Marchini, founder, paquerette.eu, France Pedro Fernandes, Founder, TugaTech, Portugal Fabian Spielberger, CEO, Pepper Media Holding GmbH, Germany Jasir Baftijari, Founder, JABA e.K., Germany Ole Emken, Co-Founder & CEO, medienweite GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Daniel Weingart, Freelancer, Medien & Design, Germany Christian Steiauf, Sales Manager, Endpoint Protector GmbH, Germany Pierre Chevalier, géologue et informaticien, Sémofi, France Bastian Allgeier, CEO, Bastian Allgeier GmbH, Germany Julian Mair, Co-Founder, Hotel Tirolerhof des Mair Manfred & Co. KG, Italy David Lopez, SerenaMail, Spain Speed U Up, Austria Daniel Bönisch, Founder and CEO, UEBERBIT GmbH, Germany Jacobo Vidal, Co-Founder & CEO, Arengu, Spain Michael Wegge, CEO & Founder, Firesource UG, Germany Benjamin Schröter – CEO, Founder & Wolfram Bernhardt – CEO, Founder, Rhein-Spree Software Engineering GmbH, Germany Valentin Born, owner, born2webdesign, Germany Arnaud Launay, CEO, Cusae, France Dr. Ingo Keck, CTO, Moringa Science Publishing UG, Germany Peter Faxe Lachenmair, owner, lachenmair.info – it consulting, Germany Georg Stefanowitsch, OHNE LIMIT, Germany Eleftherios Tzouanakis, owner, CretaDrive, Greece Peter Gierl (CTO), markt.de GmbH & Co KG, Germany Konrad Greilich, Thomas Möhle, Marius Hoppe (Founders), Bitkomplex UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Germany Damien Accorsi – Dirigeant, Algoo, France Markus Winzer, Prokurist, E. Winzer GmbH & Co KG, Austria