Software Engineer (Connect) at RStudio, Inc. in USA

RStudio creates great software that helps people understand data and make better decisions in real world applications. Our core is an open source data science toolchain, and we aim to make it available to everyone, regardless of their economic means.

RStudio Connect spreads the benefits of data science beyond just the analysts by supporting the building, publishing, distribution and consumption of data products (notebooks, charts, interactive applications, models and APIs) with repeatability and reliability.

The Connect team -- a talented and self-organizing group of about 15 product professionals -- is looking for software engineers to broaden its capabilities.

About you

  • You are humble, and play well with other people. You thrive in team settings, and exhibit excellent communication and collaboration skills. For example, offering constructive feedback in code reviews, writing user-centered documentation, and chatting with masterful use of text and emojis in Slack.
  • You thrive on solving problems for your customers through product-mindedness. You are comfortable with a little bit of ambiguity, and enjoy the opportunity to shape the future of the product.
  • You are an experienced T-shaped” software engineer exhibiting broad knowledge of the entire discipline with deeper specializations in a few areas such as architecture, design, test automation, front-end technologies, etc. 
  • You are internally driven by curiosity and continuous learning. You have proven that you can be entrusted with big decisions, and strive to bring understanding and empathy to the entire team.
  • You can function effectively in a distributed team. This means you are reliable, you know when to ask for help, you invest in strong relationships with your colleagues, and you know yourself well enough to be accountable for your own self management.

About us

  • We welcome all talented engineers, and are committed to a culture that represents diversity in all its forms.
  • We are known for being a data science company, but we don’t expect you to have prior knowledge or fluency in R. We are building software tools for data scientists so you will spend 99% of your time doing true software engineering using Go and JavaScript.
  • We employ modern development practices such as continuous integration, test automation, code reviews and containerization. We are comfortable choosing stacks that suit the problem at hand. The product spans a broad range -- from Linux namespaces to ECMAScript 8 -- so you will be expected to pick up new technologies regularly.We compose competent and autonomous full-stack teams to drive our success.
  • We are a very flat organization, and expect agency from within. If you get a little uncomfortable around 'broken windows' and take initiative to improve your surroundings, you will thrive here.
  • We prioritize giving engineers “focus time” to get deep work done. We minimize meetings and attempt to operate asynchronously.
  • We are a learning organization, and we have assembled some of the greatest minds in data science and software engineering. We take mentorship and career growth seriously. We hope to learn from you, and we promise you will also deepen your skills, influence and leadership as a result of working at RStudio.
  • We operate under a unique sustainable business model: 60% of engineering is open source. We are profitable, and we plan to be around twenty years from now.


  • 100% distributed team (or come in to one of our offices in Seattle or Boston), minimal travel
  • Competitive compensation with great benefits including:
  • medical/dental/vision insurance (100% of premiums covered) 
  • 401k matching
  • a home office allowance, or we’ll reimburse you for a coworking space
  • a profit-sharing system
  • Pick your hardware — we want to equip you with what you need to do your best work
  • Flexible environment with a generous vacation policy

RStudio is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.