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Cloudflare Registrar Pricing

Domain name registration is dominated by companies offering large discounts on the initial domain name purchase and then later surprising customers with incremental add-on fees and inflated renewal costs.

Cloudflare Registrar will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain. No markup and no surprise fees. Security features like two-factor authentication, multi-user support, and a security-focused customer support team gives you peace of mind that your domain is safe.

Cloudflare Registrar supports common top level domains (TLDs) including .com, .net, .org, as well as hundreds more. In some cases, registration of certain top-level domains may be subject to the registrant meeting additional requirements or regulations. See the full list of supported TLDs

At-cost pricing

  • Wholesale pricing for all domains

  • No inflated registration or renewal fees

  • No add-on services required

Security-focused provider

  • Trusted by over 13 million domains

  • Prioritized backend security features

  • Security-focused customer support

Cloudflare integrations

  • Native DNS, CDN, and SSL services

  • Advanced security and performance

  • Secure domain name management

Custom Domain Protection, a Cloudflare Registrar feature available on the Enterprise Plan, is the highest level of registrar security. It protects your organization from domain hijacking with high-touch, on and offline verification of any changes to your Registrar account. Cloudflare is an ICANN accredited registrar providing secure domain registration for high-profile domains.

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Support for hundreds of TLDs

Two-factor authentication

Multi-user support

WHOIS management

Automatic domain renewal

Registrar Locking

DNSSEC (free)

Bulk Domain Transfers

Developer-friendly API