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We are pleased to offer an opportunity to own and support a very special product. A completely custom engineered, artistically interpreted clear case for the Macintosh SE and SE/30. This is the first time in history anyone has ever attempted to produce a custom Mac case of this kind.  The original goal was to create a case design artistically inspired from the prototype Macintosh SE clear case and provide all the funds by ourselves.  However, after receiving quotes from Chinese companies for hard tooling molds at nearly $50,000, it became apparent that we needed to generate at least a fraction of the costs to start production by way of Crowdfunding to ensure there are enough enthusiasts as excited to show off their Macs as we are.  This case was engineered in the United States by a brilliant engineer who painstakingly refined it to ensure a proper fit.  We have produced several SLA prototypes on $150,000 machines for testing.  We are starting with only the rear case being offered on Kickstarter unless we reach our goal and unlock stretch goals (see the section below regarding stretch goals for this project).

We are passionate hobbyists and collectors like you, and more than anything we are excited to bring this amazing case to those who will appreciate it.  That is why we have and will continue invest a significant amount of our own money and time to bring this product to life. Achieving our $15,000 Kickstarter goal will confirm there is sufficient interest before we proceed to purchase tooling. Thank you for your support!

Help Our Case Become the Future
Help Our Case Become the Future

The value of vintage Macs is ever increasing, and finding cases in good condition becomes harder every day. Yellowing and physical damage are highly prevalent on the remaining cases.  Having a window to a Mac’s interior has proven to be alluring to millions of average iMac owners, but even more so to vintage Apple collectors. In fact, a Macintosh SE prototype with a clear case recently sold for over $20,000!

Our custom rear case will make your Mac stunningly unique, yet still recognizable by its classic shape.  You will have the ability to peer inside the Mac at its beautifully engineered internal components.  This will instantly revitalize your Mac and will allow it to serve as an amazing display that is sure to be a conversation starter in any environment.  Below is an example or our rear case:

Our rear clear case offered as the primary reward for this project
Our rear clear case offered as the primary reward for this project

Our special rewards include a custom glow-in-the-dark case with our “Green Jade” kit, so please be sure to check out all of the amazing rewards being offered. Other colors are also available! 

 This case project has been in development since late 2018.  The engineering phase took 7 revisions of for the rear bucket and 2 for the front panel.  Below are some photos from the engineering phase.

 December 2018:

Our First Version Engineering Drawing
Our First Version Engineering Drawing

February 2019:

Examining The Final SLA Prototype
Examining The Final SLA Prototype

If our goal is reached, we will unlock a "stretch goal" to produce a clear front case panel too!  We have all the research and design work done. We just need the cost of the mold and the variable costs to start production and transport.  If we get even more support, an additional goal for a custom clear case for the Apple ADB mouse will be unlocked.

 We project the minimum reward price for the front panel to be around $95 and the ADB mouse case to be around $39.  Below is a photo depicting a Macintosh SE/30 in the custom rear case along with the front "stretch goal" case.

Front and Rear Case
Front and Rear Case

Starting in 2005, MacEffects designed and produced a very successful under-desk mount for the Mac mini.  Below is an example of the product we produced:

Recently, we began to manufacture color ribbons for the Apple ImageWriter II printer.  We are currently the only producer of color ImageWriter ribbons available to the public.  Having experience in plastic manufacturing, accessory distribution, and recreating vintage products gives us the unique ability to successfully produce and manufacture the case for the Macintosh SE and SE/30.   

Now we want to make a comeback and offer something really special for your vintage Mac!

Below are several risks and challenges associated with this project. The information contained here is not exhaustive.

The Macintosh SE and SE/30 both contain dangerously high voltage circuitry and a cathode ray tube (CRT). These pose massive risks for anyone who would perform any case exchange. Therefore, professional installation is required. Failure to adhere to this may result in bodily injury, death, and/or property damage. Please use due diligence when handling any electronic devices.

This case is not compatibility with dual floppy drives in the Macintosh SE. Only single floppy drive models are supported.

Because this product is made with a mold that weighs more than a truck, there are risks shipping and handling it. There are also risks of transport and/or shipping the finished products. Related logistics can cause time delays, particularly if there is an issue with manufacturing the mold itself. Our objective is to make the highest quality product possible. If a delay to the schedule occurs, updates will be posted. Quality will be placed over timeliness.

The entire project is based on quotes from outside firms. Given that, should these vary significantly above the original projected costs, delays or project cancellation may occur. Fortunately, there are other vendors, so we are not projecting any issues besides possible delays.

Despite being painstakingly engineered and manufactured, minor imperfections may be present. Additionally, this is not a duplicate design, but rather our artistic interpretation. The differences between OEM and our products are intentional. This shall not be construed as a reproduction product.

Buyers who intend to operate the computer are advised to use the factory RF shielding to avoid harmful interference with other devices operating at similar frequencies. Failure to do this may result in harmful interference. The use of this case has not been approved by the FCC.

The "Green Jade" kit is a limited edition of only 25 kits being offered. In the future, glow-in-the-dark cases may be offered as stand-alone cases, but will never be sold as a kit with special extras. Additionally, the 25 kits offered in this campaign will be "production first off line" (PFOL) with serial numbers 1-25, making them extra special.

The "stretch goals" represent our intent to unlock those as rewards once the defined dollar goals are met. Our sample prototype (as shown in photos and video) may differ from the production unit. Likewise, we showcase the front and rear panel in our promotional material as it highlights that we have the design and prototype work complete, ready for funding. Unless the project reaches each respective "stretch goal," those rewards will remain locked and no front panel will be available as an additional reward option.

We intend to use polycarbonate, but the final material may differ. OEM cases include fire-retardant additives that may cause yellowing of the plastic over time. To avoid future yellowing of our custom case, we will NOT be adding fire-retardant additive. Therefore, it is recommended to not operate your Mac with this custom case unattended.

Other risks and challenges not mentioned may be present and it is important for the backer to consider all the risks before backing a project.

Apple, Macintosh, Mac, SE, SE/30, iMac, ImageWriter, and Mac mini are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. MacEffects, LLC is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Apple, Inc. The final product will bear no icons, logos, or typography relating to Apple, Inc.

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