STOCKPILE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

In this way, stockpiling contributes to political flexibility and manoeuvrability during oil crises.

Limited to the use of existing stockpiles, the remaining sandalwood factories have tended to reduce production of sandalwood items and continue operations only on receipt of confirmed orders.

Because horses cannot be stockpiled, a king needed nobles upon whom he could call in time of war; they in turn needed the kingship as a goal of competition.

In all other sections top soil has been stripped and stockpiled for later landscape use, in accordance with normal practice.

We are dependent on flying troops without equipment to stockpiles around the world.

He is speaking of the plans which his general staffs, furnished with the nuclear stockpiles, have been obliged to make.

Reprocessing increases stockpiles of plutonium and highly enriched uranium, and spreads them around the world, where they are increasingly vulnerable to theft and misuse.

I shall give the facts about the scale of the problem of plutonium stockpiles.

If stockpiles are strategically based throughout the world, this danger will not arise.

The increased expenditure has enabled considerable progress to be made, with more equipment being supplied and stockpiled.

Other commodities, such as coarse grains, can be stockpiled and kept in reserve.

We find that our stockpiles are very low.

When pressed, he could not say what articles were to be stockpiled, or the extent to which they had been stockpiled.

Stockpiling means the control of all raw materials from the beginning.

I may add here, just in case anyone has any misunderstanding about this, that both sides were quite prepared; they had stockpiles to use.