The next President of the US should be dedicated to open source and technical innovation within government and for the people

By Brad Erhart

Bernie, are you listening?

I’m not sure if you’re a Bernie Sander’s fan, or let alone a Democrat or consider yourself a Progressive. However, there are many ideas within a Progressive society that I believe will focus on technology to improve American lives. Unfortunately for many years that commitment has been to big corporations that has lots of money to lobby public officials, and ensure that they have the teams committed to marketing to the public sector for large-scale government contracts utilizing proprietary solutions that are often competing with several other foreign governments, with people that have questionable agendas for profit and power, ads and propaganda, and controlling the markets in their favor.

In the age of Kubernetes, Nextcloud, LibreOffice, OpenStack, OCP, Cilium, Discourse, MediaWiki, Mail-in-a-box, CNCF, Prometheus, EFK, GitLab, Phabricator, IPFS, Linux, Wayland, Vulkan, and many many more solutions to create self-hosted alternatives and cross-platform tools, it makes sense to trust in the power of communities enough to be able to trust for it to be open source. Automation within code scanning, fuzzing, testing, and with proper work being put into additional tools could truly revolutionize innovation in America.

Having VR/AR open source tools and frameworks for creating educational content could be the basis for training and providing unique opportunities for education, collaboration and help provide a new tool to allow people to build better projects for the future.

I encourage everyone in the open source community with a dedication to helping improve the world start by working to create open standards and documentation for deploying and managing these open source solutions, preferably using Kubernetes and tools like Helm. With easy to deploy cloud solutions within Kubernetes and Minikube, all these tools and more can be automated quickly and efficiently to readily be used by anyone looking to learn more about technology or to deploy their production infrastructure and business services.

People should not fear innovation due to lost profits, and in fact they should welcome it. They can share in new and creative ideas that allow people to replicate their work for a fraction of the cost, or allow others to create and build their own tools, with the same principles in open source licensing. These ideas are the future of providing sustainable solutions and to help aid in equal rights and opportunities for all people, and well as helping to greatly to improve climate change and environmental impact.