Expensive Chat – Pay one cent per letter

hello world 👋


hey there! cool to see mandarin(?) works too


OMG this a great idea! Make this a plugin for Slack please!


We need messages with images in chat ($1 per pic) and stikers ot gifs ($0.05)!


@jankees: I think the Slack chat would get awfully quiet. people would finally get some work done haha


@andrey: yes GIFs/stickers would be cool. will look into that if people are still chatting in a few days


hello expensive chat! ✨




Totally worth it.


So I paid for this


Hi don't forget to subscribe and buy the merch


its lit in here 🔥 https://bit.ly/2IJYCkK 🔥


I love this @Marc


anyone into dropshipping here?


This can really work well with dating niche & celebrity chat


yeah I thought about inviting celebs. but wanted to start simple for now


\o/ First 🐈 on expensive chat!


@Marc you just found a suitable business model for Twitter


@lenilson haha


Yes this can work well too with Twitter & even instagram


should i remove myself from the leaderboard? because for me chatting is kinda free. (I do actually pay, but then I make the money back minus fees in revenue)


yes let Sindre take the lead on the leaderboard haha


reduce the rate though




🥑 ه҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿҈̿


okay I removed myself from the leaderboard. congrats @sindre


You charge the card by end of the day or month or






sindre r u ok


Now that am paying to chat, please give me feedback on https://www.connectke.com @marc


🐟 🐠 🐟 🐟 🐡 🐠 🐡 🐠🐟


1'; DROP TABLE users-- 1


@okii it's not really clear what the website is about at a first glance


trying to make memes reddit like community but for kenya


👋 hello 73 strangers reading this


Then i need to make it much clear! @marc


Hacker News Watcher goo.gl/WpNpJw


@Marc..make the links clickable


81 people reading this: go follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/lenilsonjr_


dont follow pretzelhands


subscribe to pewdiepie


If you love the idea of expensive chat, you should also try blockchain based chat. Dapp is running on the Rinkeby Testnet. It meant to be a very simple proof of concept, with Ethereum smart contract functionality in place. expensivecrypto.chat


haha okay. thanks for the (real) money


what the fuck


never paid $0.11 for a what the fuck


now you paid 0.29 to say you never paid


hehe I lov this business model wow, how much have u made as per now


anyone in crypto here? airdrop soon $TRX $ETH


Im down to get $MAKER


You just lost The Game


@OKII paste this in your dev tools console: Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('.number')).map(e => parseFloat(e.textContent.substr(1))).reduce((t, v) => t + v).toLocaleString("en-GB", {style: "currency", currency: "GBP", minimumFractionDigits: 2})


🤠 howdy im the sheriff of expensive chat 🤠


@pat welcome, greetings are expensive here


@mark may be change color of message background for first 3 leaders?


is wip dead yet?


@rik whats that about


oh this would be nice


i need to type more to skip crypto guy on the leaderboard


@OKII if pasted in dev console it calculates total amount @marc made so far