Codegates - The Fun and Sustainable Way to Learn Coding!

We help professionals add basic programming in Python to their skill-sets using a guided online course, a personal tutor and a project of your own choice. All from the comfort of home.

1. Personal Tutor

You’ll be assigned a “Personal Tutor” right away. This tutor will be your continuous contact person and guide. You'll have an initial "get-to-know" call with him/her followed by ongoing Email/Whatsapp communication.

2. Guided Online Course

We use our online course - videos and exercises - to cover the "necessary basics" of Python. You'll have a light "target" for each week and constant access to your tutor, who will correct and comment on any exercise submissions.

3. Personal Project

We try to get you started on your own project asap. Again your tutor will be your guide - figuring out an idea with you, getting you set up, pointing you in the right directions and helping out practically when you hit road blocks.

4. Co-coding Evenings

Every Monday and Friday evening one of our tutors will be online from 19.00 to 21.30 UK-time. You can join in whenever it suits you, work on the course or your project and request help in real time if you need it. No scheduling required.


Basic - £12.95 / week

Premium - £19.95 / week

1st week is a free Trial.

Cancel anytime.

Request a quick Phone Consultation to Learn more.

Frustration & Confusion - Two Problems we solve.

Learning to code can be incredibly fun and incredibly frustrating. One important job of our tutors is to help you out each time you're about to hit a nasty, demotivating sticking point - either in the process of learning a new concept or of working on a problem. Our tutors also help you clarify what to focus on and, maybe more importantly, what you can safely ignore. Aside from clear, good teaching, these are 2 major ways in which we dramatically raise your odds of reaching a genuine skill-level.

Submit and one of our tutors will get in touch within 24 hours. You'll receive some more information about our process and we'll try to understand what you want to achieve.

The Fun and Sustainable Way to Learn Coding.

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