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Two people will need to support your membership application. Times, Sunday Times (2016)His party membership came back to haunt him in 2007 when evidence emerged that he had also worked for the Polish secret service. Times, Sunday Times (2017)They were cut last year when his full membership ended. The Sun (2011)In the early days she would sign all the membership forms and post out the badges. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The application for membership is expected to be accepted. Times, Sunday Times (2012)His honorary club membership runs out next spring. Times, Sunday Times (2015) Country club memberships expired and were not renewed. Kiam, Victor Going For It!: How to Succeed As an Entrepreneur (1986)Most are free to use but some require membership. Times, Sunday Times (2013)To abandon covenant church membership is to lose an opportunity to shepherd souls. Christianity Today (2000)There is also a deferred membership fee when the property is sold. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He served the public face of music with his membership of many committees and boards of trustees. Times, Sunday Times (2011)The postwar party membership consisted largely of intelligent women who stayed at home rather than working. Times, Sunday Times (2010)They should cut up his membership card. Times, Sunday Times (2016)One club rejected her application for membership on the grounds that she was too famous. Times, Sunday Times (2007)After that you will see a surge in sports club membership. Times, Sunday Times (2012)He sent me a membership form. Eddison, Sydney A Patchwork Garden: Unexpected Pleasures from a Country Garden (1990)The waiting list for full membership is now 28 years. Times, Sunday Times (2016)To the upwardly mobile youth in their membership, these organizations offered an education in the social graces. Rotundo, E. Anthony American Manhood: Transformations in Masculinity from the Revolution to the Modern Era (1993)And a country club membership. Times, Sunday Times (2014)

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