With one announcement, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan got the $3.6 trillion US healthcare system worked up into a tizzy.

In January 2018, the three companies said they would strike up a joint healthcare venture that's aimed at lowering healthcare costs for the companies' employees. At the time, news of the partnership sent healthcare stocks plummeting, especially health insurers and members of the pharmaceutical supply chain that might be impacted by the three business giants getting into their lines of work.

Since then, we haven't learned much more about what shape the joint venture will take. Most of what we've learned about the yet-unnamed venture are some of the key hires, like Dr. Atul Gawande as CEO and Jack Stoddard as chief operating officer.

That's starting to change, thanks to a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts against a former Optum employee. Optum is the health services arm of healthcare giant UnitedHealth Group.

The lawsuit, filed on January 16, came out a day before David Smith, a former senior executive at Optum, was scheduled to start working at the joint venture as its director of product strategy and research. The complaint argues that by joining the health venture, Smith is in breach of contract and could reveal Optum's trade secrets.

A representative for the Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan venture declined to comment on the case.

Testimony in the case from Stoddard, who joined the venture in September, provides new information about the venture's plans. The testimony was unsealed after a motion brought by the parent companies of Stat News and The Wall Street Journal. So far, the still-unnamed venture has hired fewer than 20 people, Stoddard said. The team that Smith joined is comprised of business school graduates who have backgrounds in consulting. Stoddard said his role has been to do a lot of hiring and recruiting.

Stoddard was most recently the general manager for digital health at Comcast before joining the venture. He'd previously worked as the COO at Accolade, a company that helps employees navigate their health benefits, and was on the executive team when Optum itself was founded.