Coinllectibles Acquires Talk+ For $37 Million

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Coinllectibles™️ has recently announced that it has acquired App Talk+, a messaging and cryptocurrency-focused mobile app, at an aggregate valuation of $37 million. This is the largest acquisition by the company to date.

By acquiring a majority stake in Talk+, Coinllectibles is able to steadily realise its mission to become a multi-dimensional global Fusion NFT powerhouse.

We are very excited that this acquisition is finally complete.  I have been observing the developments in the crypto and blockchain space and I am very bullish about its long term prospects.

I am keenly aware that for Coinllectibles to do well, we would need to have an ecosystem to operate in – Talk+  provides us with that.  As we slowly put all the pieces together, it is my vision for Coinllectibles to be a global NFT powerhouse.

Dr Herbert Lee, Chairman of the Coinllectibles Group

What separates Talk+ from other crypto wallets in the market is that an instant messaging function is incorporated into a multi-cryptocurrency. This allows users to transact in cryptocurrency just as easily as they would with messaging, while being assured that their messages are all protected via encryption.

Moreover, Talk+ is currently developing capabilities to store and transfer Fusion NFTs. In regards to the contribution that Talk+ provides for Coinllectibles’ business growth, Coinllectibles CEO Toby O’Connor said that Talk+ has been opening up new ways for the company to reach out and engage their users. Interoperability is key when it comes to engagement in the new paradigm of Web 3.0.

O’Connor believes that, by enabling their users to efficiently chat about NFT projects, transfer NFTs and transfer digital currency with their peers, the acceptance and user experience of NFTs will increase in return.