Making the Crypto Space More Female Inclusive

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From what we see, the cryptocurrency industry is currently a male-dominated space. Virtual currency exchange Bitcoin of America (BOA) wants to change that.

The exchange has been very transparent about their effort to encourage female involvement at conferences, expos, and within their own company. BOA revealed that their high ranking positions — such as the CEO, Operations Manager and Director of Marketing — are mostly filled by women.

BOA’s all-female team has attended the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin 2021 Miami, in hopes of encouraging other women to enter the industry.

Male presence is huge in the technology sector and in the crypto space. I am excited to be part of an inclusive company like Bitcoin of America who encourages women to succeed in a male dominant industry.

Alice Gorodetsky, Director of Business Development

The company is also looking to recruit more female talents into their team, as well as promoting the women who contributed to the crypto industry and giving them a voice. Marketing director Jenna Polinsky commented that she has had a positive experience working for BOA and hopes to influence other women to join the crypto scene.

A 2014 study by analytics firm Gallup has shown that gender-diverse companies tend to perform better, specifically in terms of revenue and net profit. The post added that a gender-diverse company has more access to resources like “multiple sources of information” and “wider industry knowledge.” Moreover, being gender-diverse allows them to serve a customer base that is growing more diverse than ever.