Senior Software Engineer (Rails) at

Senior Software Engineer (Rails)

Source is a Y Combinator and Initialized Capital backed B2B marketplace that connects e-commerce businesses with sources of bulk inventory to resell, starting with excess inventory from large retailers.Some of the largest retailers in the world, as well as wholesale and closeout suppliers, sell their excess inventory on our marketplace. But we have big plans beyond just an excess inventory marketplace. Source's goal is to supply the next generation of retail by building the Amazon of B2B commerce.

About the position

We're looking for a talented senior software engineer with extensive experience with Rails and an interest in working remotely for a high-growth start-up. Our entire team is remote, so you must be not only willing, but excited to work remotely! We bring the entire team together for 1 week once per quarter, so a small amount of travel (to exciting destinations) is required.

We highly value autonomy and value output over input, and are seeking someone who is not only interested in contributing to the codebase, but is interested in getting involved with the business in other ways as well. Someone with a strong product sense and well-rounded full-stack skillset would be an excellent fit. Former founders (or future founders) would also be a great fit, but anyone who is smart, driven, and great at what they do should apply.

What we care about:

  • Autonomy over authority -- we don't believe in micromanaging and don't hire people who need it or do it.

  • Output over input -- working hours are useful for collaboration, but in general we believe in working how and when you personally are most productive.

  • High impact team -- everyone on our team has a huge amount of impact and is in a position to make major business decisions.

  • Staying frugal and building a real business -- we don't believe in the glamour of startups. We don't have a fancy office and we don't care about getting in TechCrunch. We're building a real business with a real shot at success.

  • You need to actually be a senior engineer. If you don't know if you are "senior" enough, you probably aren't.

  • You must know Rails and know it well. It's ok if you haven't written Rails code in some time, but we unfortunately can't bring on anyone without a solid foundation in Rails at this time.

  • You should have a good product sense and be able to architect, design, and implement customer facing features entirely by yourself.

  • CSS, HTML, javascript, and SQL skills are obviously a necessity.

  • You should be exceptionally good at something. For example, SQL and query building or OOP or algorithms and ML, etc. It doesn't matter what it is, but you should have a specific "superpower" that you consider yourself especially good at.

  • You must be excited to work on a remote team and ideally have experience doing so. It is a huge perk to have the flexibility to work remotely, but there are many challenges as well. Not everyone works well in this environment, so you need to know that you for sure do.