10 things in tech you need to know today

By Jordan Parker Erb

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1. A former Apple engineer said the iPhone button asking apps not to track you is a "dud." A new study by the employee's company found popular iPhone apps are still collecting user data — even if they're asked not to. Why he says the feature gives users a "false sense of privacy."

2. Orlando wants to become the next Silicon Valley. The city wants to shake off its reputation as a tourist and retiree destination and embrace its future as a tech, defense, and finance hub. Execs gave us insight into Orlando's growing tech scene.

3. An early Pinterest employee has sued the company over her role building the $35 billion site. Christine Martinez sued the company, saying she helped create the platform but never got paid. We spoke with early employees to figure out who Martinez is — and if she really was an "erased" Pinterest creator.

4. ICYMI: Elon Musk and Grimes have broken up after three years of dating. Musk told Page Six on Friday that he and Grimes are "semi-separated," but that they'll continue to coparent their son. From start to finish, here's everything you need to know about the pair's relationship.

5. A new Netflix documentary will explore the mysterious death of a crypto millionaire. Gerald Cotten's death in 2018 led to the disappearance of millions of dollars worth of his investors' Bitcoin funds. The show will follow investors-turned-sleuths looking into theories on his death. Here's what we know about the doc so far.

6. The world's largest carbon-removal plant just opened. The plant, which sucks carbon dioxide out of the air, would help the world become carbon neutral by 2050 — but some experts worry the tech is too expensive. Check out the massive "vacuum cleaner for the atmosphere."

7. Bill Gates took a dig at Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk's space race. In an interview with James Corden, Gates poked fun at the billionaires' space plans: "Space? We have a lot to do here on Earth." Gates' comments come on the heels of reports that Blue Origin plans to send William Shatner into space.

8. Some South African indigenous groups want to stop the construction of a new Amazon HQ. Local indigenous groups in Cape Town oppose Amazon's latest development, saying it's on the site of a historic battleground. Get the details on the efforts to stop construction.

9. We rounded up a list of solo capitalists who are shaking up the venture industry. These 30 solo capitalists, investors who raise outside funds but work alone, are writing a lot of checks to startups. Meet the solo investors every founder should be scrambling to pitch.

10. Andreessen Horowitz is raising a venture fund for investing in gaming startups. The premier firm seeks to back both gaming studios and tech companies related to gaming, and is looking for a general partner to lead it. Read more in our exclusive report.

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