Holidaymakers are being herded away from the terminal and aircraft at Manchester Airport.


Passengers were seen being removed off an Easyjet plane in Terminal 1 this morning. “A fire alarm was set off,” a representative for Manchester Airport told This website, but services are now back to normal. “Someone had set off a fire alarm, standard protocols were followed, response teams were stood down, and normal service had already resumed,” he claimed.

On social media, images showed a massive line of people waiting to exit a plane on the runway.

“Partial evacuation at @manairport T1. Gates 1-10,” a witness tweeted.

It comes after last week’s pandemonium at the airport, when an elderly traveler passed out amid massive lines.

“They were very short staffed and blocked up,” Ian McCarter told the Manchester Evening News, “not even checking passenger locating paperwork so all a bit of a muddle really!”

“T2 dep security was really ugly this morning,” another traveller tweeted about the airport.

“Extremely long lines, with only 2 or 3 stations open due to a ‘staff shortage.’

“I saw one elderly passenger pass out in line. “This isn’t world-class.”

“We are aware that lineups at the border this afternoon were greater than usual,” a Manchester Airport official stated.

“UK Border Force is responsible for immigration checks, and we will discuss the situation with them to determine how these circumstances developed and to ensure that passengers have the best possible experience moving forward.”

Despite the need for further Covid precautions at UK airports, the Home Office stated that airport lineups were “unacceptable.”

“We have been clear throughout the epidemic that line times may be lengthier as we ensure all passengers comply with the health safeguards put in place to keep the UK people safe,” a spokeswoman said. The extremely long wait times we witnessed at Heathrow last night, on the other hand, are unacceptable.

“This is the busiest weekend of the year for returning passengers, with a large number of families with children under the age of 12 who are unable to use e-gates.

“Border Force is quickly examining its rosters and capacities, and deploying our staff across the airport in a flexible manner to reduce wait times.

“We are working closely with Heathrow Airport and its airlines to ensure that all passengers have a safe and pleasant experience.”Brinkwire Summary News”.