the fortunes of war

The course and outcomes of war, whether good or bad. The brilliant mathematician managed to decipher the enemy's code, turning the fortunes of war in favor of the allied forces.
See also: fortune, of, war
the unpredictable events of war.
See also: fortune, of, war
I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch.
The legendary German U-boat killer, largely responsible for winning the Battle of the Atlantic, and turning the fortunes of war to Allied advantage, is immortalised in crew sweater, holding a pair of binoculars and looking out to sea.
Nor does he mention the diversion of resources from Wehrmacht fighting power owing to Hitler's mad preoccupation with the extermination of Jews, even as the fortunes of war turned against his forces.
Step inside the only surviving Boeing 707 cockpit, see the Scottish Concorde, learn about life on an su Sc airbase - and sample the Fortunes of War.
Although his wealth, and hence Tyneside's prosperity, derived in no small part from the fortunes of war, Armstrong seems to have been scrupulous in dealing with the government.
Madoc''s ability to give life to German villains also surfaced in the TV series The Fortunes of War, and in 1974 he played a corrupt priest in BBC Wales serial, Twm Sion Cati.
Highlights of the museum include the Fortunes of War gallery, which tells the story of the airfield's wartime past, while there is a parachute store, and some actual aircraft from the war, including a Vulcan bomber and a HAMPDEN EXPERIENCE COMEDIAN and Record columnist Des Clarke loves football.
He rode westward, Rowena picking her way delicately through the drifted snow, musing rather drunkenly on the fortunes of war, his father's legacy of loyalty and trust and the blessed straightforwardness of fighting men.
Foreman deftly shifts among the blood-soaked battlefields in America, the marble halls of government, and the grungy offices of diplomatic legations abroad, building suspense as the fortunes of war and international politics changed by the day.
The landmarks, a legacy of coalition air strikes and combat two weeks ago, and the sound fresh shelling on the far side of the city underlined how the fortunes of war had turned against the insurgents in recent days.
Supreme Court counsels that, for losses that occur in wartime or during periods of armed conflict, 'many [of them] must be attributed solely to the fortunes of war, not to the sovereign.