Time passed since Daniel applied for a US visa

Time passed since Daniel applied for a US visa

00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds

Daniel is denied entry to the US


Q: Do you know why this takes so long?

No. Their latest response just said "someone is working on it" and that it "may take a long time".

Q: Why don't you just apply for an ESTA?

I already did and they denied me that.

Q: Why did they deny you ESTA?

I don't know. And I don't know why they can't respond to my visa application.

Q: So, someone is working on it?

Allegedly, yes. I'm sure that person must be working very hard...

Q: Do you think they will grant you a visa eventually?

No. I've been in contact with many people who have been in similar situations such as this, as well as many people who have applied for visas for very complicated matters, and it is basically unheard of that it would take this long time and still end up with a positive response in the end.

Q: Did you travel to any arab countries, middle-east, North Korea, Sudan, Iran or Iraq?


Q: How many trips have this blocked you from taking so far?

I've been personally invited to at least 5 meetings in the US that I couldn't attend. (excluding IETF, HTTPbis or QUIC meetings)

  1. San Francisco June 2017. Mozilla All Hands.
  2. San Francisco June 2018. Mozilla All hands.
  3. San Francisco October 2018. Conference speaking engagement.
  4. Orlando, Florida December 2018. Mozilla All hands.
  5. Portland, Oregon January 2019. Conference speaking engagement.

Q: Can't your employer help you?

We've already tried all available ways to get information or otherwise bring this effort forward. To no avail.

Q: Will Mozilla move more meetings outside of the US?

Yes. Several of the coming All hands are now planned and scheduled to happen outside of the US, for example in Canada and Germany. But I will not be there to experience them since I've quit Mozilla.

Q: Will your visa situation change when you've quit Mozilla?

Unfortunately, there is no reason to suspect or hope so.