State of Clojure 2019 Results

In the first Clojure survey in 2010, 27% of respondents reported using Clojure for work and 33% for serious hobby projects. This number has steadily grown over the years and we now see 66% using it at work and 54% using it for serious hobby projects.

Clojure is being used in a wide variety of domains - web development (81%) and open source (48%) of course, but also building and delivering commercial services (31%) and enterprise apps (22%). This work occurs in a wide variety of industries - financial services, enterprise software, consumer software, retail, media/advertising, healthcare, education, and many more.

For the last four years, the percentage of Clojure developers in 1-10 person companies has fallen, this year to 35% (compared to 44% 3 years ago). We saw increases in developers working at companies sized 1000+ and 11-100. We also saw the number of consumers of these Clojure projects as less "in team" and more "outside team" or "outside the organization".

We added a new question this year to gauge the general experience level of Clojure developers. Almost half of Clojure users (49%) had 11 or more years of experience with 21% having 21 years or more. A recent JVM ecosystem survey asked a similar question and for comparison saw 42% had 11 or more years of experience and only 3% had 21 or more years. Clojure developers tend to be more experienced on average than other JVM developers.

  • "Thanks to Clojure and ClojureScript I can make a living building and maintaining large systems and delivering complex solutions on time. Thank you!"

  • "Clojure is thoughtfully designed and stable. It’s a dynamic, functional lisp that can actually be sold to the bosses. (A sentence I never thought I would write)."

  • "There is no way my team could pull all the rabbits out of hats that we do working in any other language. The only thing I ever seriously worry about, about Clojure, is how to ensure I get to work in Clojure and with Clojurists again should my current gig come to an end."

Hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of Clojure developers are working in Clojure or ClojureScript every day, using it as the foundation of their business. The survey indicates that Clojure developers are increasingly using it more for work, at bigger companies, impacting ever larger groups of users.