Most young people worry that the world is totally screwed, according to new survey

Are they? Please don’t assume that my question was rhetorical. My keyhole views from 1968-1974 and 2015-2020 of the same age group would argue the opposite [1][2] but I’ll be the first to admit that the small-N observations in both cases are a long way from compelling.

[1] E.g. $HERSELF was very active back when, including being part of the demonstrations at the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention.
[1] More recently, I spent the latter interval as a returning student with a group of very, very sharp 18-25 yo students and our voter registration drives in 2016 and 2018 were less than overwhelming.

How about other people’s kids? Or humanity in general? A bridge too far?


It is indeed easier to get young people involved in political protest when they’re facing the immediate and highly likely threat of being drafted to fight in an unpopular war but obviously that period was a bit of an outlier in terms of youth engagement in politics.


I think that interpretation is a bit harsh. Weltschmerz in the face of preventable-but-somehow-zero-effort-in-preventing-it apocalypse is perfectly understandable.

Also, by not having children he’s already done more to reduce his downstream carbon footprint than the most powerful nations on Earth.

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Because I won’t have a family (was once some one who hoped for that but … ultimately found it too difficult a path to pursue), so specifically because I won’t, then I feel somehow compelled to leave something of myself to the world to show people at least some of the love I might have had for my child some day… when I can.

Because of that… I can’t stand to think that we wouldn’t at least try to take care of each-other’s children when all of their survival depends on it.


Uhhh, what about all the other species we are driving to extinction?


Sorry, I don’t buy the self-righteousness of people who think their choice to not have children absolves them of any further responsibility toward the planet.

Anyway, the problem has less to do with population growth (which has been slowing steadily for generations) than it has to do with the per-capita carbon footprint of the people in rich countries (which has been growing steadily for generations).


Odd that the questions were focused on Governents rather than say Capitalism.



How far over 60%? Because that’s a discouragingly low number. If ~40% of people keep their heads buried in the sand, the future looks ever worse.


With that attitude nobody will be missing your selfish bullshit either. Win/win, eh?


American youth vote rates tend to be low for a variety of reasons, not all of them involving laziness or apathy. That it hasn’t gotten worse in the last three cycles is a surprise. In the U.S., for example, they’re stuck with the choice of a gerontocratic Third Way centre-right party that pushes out progressivism whenever it can or a gerontocratic death-cult fascist party that’s bent on making things worse. The latter has also invested a lot of resources in denying the vote to young people (ask college students how easy it is to vote in red states or districts) as well as generally demeaning liberal democracy and the effectiveness of good government. So it’s a bit more than just empty whingeing.

If he’s over age 40 that’s “have a gold star sticker” at best. The vast majority of child-free people over that age didn’t make the decision to reduce their carbon footprint by a large amount, even if that’s how it turns out when kids are figured in.


Didn’t the greeks publish one too?

Sometimes it is best to step back and think of the prophetic wisdom of National Lampoon. “Go placidly amid the noise and waste and remember what comfort there may be in owning a piece thereof”


No, it’s adult children too (30). I worry about his mental health and the very lack of any hopeful news in our near future. From the outside I feel helpless to find some common ground with his life. It feels like my failure in the most horrible worst way.


Deciding to have a child in today’s world must be a very difficult decision for many people. My daughter has just announced she’s pregnant with her fourth child and I gave her the normal response of heartfelt congratulations, but my unexpressed thoughts immediately returned to “what sort of world will these children mature into?” I find it hard to be optimistic, often the case with old men, but to have any chance of mitigating even the worst outcomes of climate change will require cooperation from all tiers of society, even politicians, those paragons of virtue.

Even now I have acquaintances who refuse to believe in climate change, thanks in large part to Rupert Murdoch’s trashy media.

Witnessing how the disastrous lack of cooperation has, and still is, playing out with the COVID-19 pandemic just reaffirms my belief that we as a species will not be able to work cohesively enough to effect any real change until the major climate tipping points are well behind us, ie far too late.

Because of my age I will escape before any major changes, but that doesn’t lessen my sense of guilt for the past, and sadness for the future generations and our co-tenants on this once beautiful planet.



Governments can be trusted

That’s not really a yes/no question.

Now they know how we felt growing up in the '60s & '70s with the threat of nuclear war and over-population threatening our not-so-distant futures. Reminds me of a dozen or more comics that dealt with the end of the world that seem quaint in retrospect. So, what else is new? Or, in other words, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Kids these daze. I don’t blame them for being confused. Good thing, bad thing was we had Led Zeppelin around back then.

From an anarcho-communist perspective, there is no difference. Capitalism is the dominant form of governance in the world today. Yes, even in China.

The Ayn-caps on the right haven’t realised that is they get their utopia then either capitalism will cease to exist or they will get new governments. They will not be nice governments either, think along the lines of Pinochet and you will be on the mild side of the possibilities.

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