Furious pastor screams at his own members after they criticized his hateful politics (video)

Based on such elements, positive Christianity separated itself from Nicene Christianity and as a result, it is considered apostate by all historically Trinitarian Christian churches, regardless of whether they are Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant.

I’m fairly certain that the Coptic and Syriac churches also consider Positive Christianity to be apostate. When can we expect the same of Trumpist Xtianity?


I’m sure that Trumpist Xtians would take apostasy as a point of pride.

To quote a coworker “if Trump is pissing people off he must be doing something right!”

ETA: to be very clear, the quote is not my point of view


The question should be “if Trump is pissing off Jesus is he doing something right?” Only accept yes or no as an answer, don’t let the Trumpists try to justify their answer or give non answers.

Do a Jeremy Paxman, if you must.


Judas Priest or just a Nazi Priest?

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Seems to me that leaving that “flock” is its own reward.


I mix Paxo’s Moxy.

If he were still interviewing it wouldn’t matter as Alex’s “Cabinet of non-of-the-talents” refuse to do challenging shows - their biggest risk is a light ribbing from Marr on a Sunday morning.

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That is quite something. Not least, the mind-boggling contrast. My villains are Nazis and other fascists, bigots, environmental destruction, etc. His and his cohort’s villains are Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey and…the Pope? (Which, on that last one, the current Pope comes the closest to embracing true Christian values of, I think, any in my lifetime.)



Holy crap, is that Desmond from Lost?

Hmmm. AOC seems to make a lot of people really angry. Does your coworker think she’s doing something right? :wink:
(Rhetorical, obviously. It’s all about who is getting pissed off. Back to the old, “he’s not hurting the right people” mentality.)


If your co-worker is male, you should ask him if kicking him in the balls would piss him off. Not sure what the equivalent would be if your co-worker is female.


Not an expert, but I don’t think very many people enjoy being kicked in the crotch.

[yeah, I know there are some masochists]


The delicious blend of megachurch and pro wrestling.


Make her move to Texas?


“you complaining judgmental pharisee,” he said." making judgemental complaints about other people to complain about them making judgemental complaints about him.

The hypocrisy is spreadable on toast.

But I hope someone points out to him Trump has been hanging out with the Moonies and thinks they are a fine organization.

Not a lot of fundies think the Moonies are fine Christians.

But doublethink is a specialty of religious zealots of this sort so he can probably swallow it whole and still think of Trump as Christ’s Annointed,


Gross. This guy is just gross.


Matthew 5:9 lost in translation issue?

Next time a biblical literalist tells you you’re misinterpreting the Bible, ask them how good their Hebrew, Aramaic, or Koiné Greek are.

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Can we clone him?

Or at least have him give master class lessons to all other “journalists” showing how to stay on the fucking message?


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