Whatcha Watchin'?, Season Two

Lucifer is a guilty pleasure about which I feel ZERO guilt; whatever shortcomings the writing and direction has had is made up for in spades by the charisma of Tom Ellis and his chemistry with the rest of the cast.


The only guilt I feel is for not watching it before it moved to Netflix. It is simply a pleasure. A glorious, campy delight. I am really going to miss it.


I’ve been streaming it ever since it first aired on Fox.

If I ever get a dog, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna name him ‘Mr. Said Out Bitch.’


For those who’ve watched Lucifer to the end: does that ending work for you?

I fell behind, and wound up getting spoiled, and now I’m feeling a bit… reluctant about catching up.


I’ve only seen the first episode of the final season. It didn’t work for me, but I’m chalking it up to the very long time between filming the previous season and then this one, including covid issues.

I will try the next episode in the next few days. I’ll let you know then if it’s building back up, or not getting back into the groove yet.


I’ll probably finish up the season by tomorrow night; right now I’m only on the 3rd ep.


I will say that I like all the callbacks to the first season that the writers have included, starting with the motorcycle cop that pulled Luci over in the pilot.


I’m on the 8th episode now, and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. It’s funny, they’re doing a great job of wrapping up character arcs while introducing a few new interesting conflicts, and I teared up several times.

Unless they manage to totally blow the landing I would say it’s a strong recommend.

ETA: Just finished the last episode and…



Bridge Over Troubled Waterduet.


Oh yeah, that was a while ago…maybe I should edit that to “dozens of times”…


I’m forcing myself to watch them slowly.


The best answer I can give right now:


The whole ‘Lucifer disappeared to go be a therapist in Hell but was never seen on Earth again’ thing doesn’t make much logical sense, since it was established early on that he could come and go between the planes of existence as he pleased. I get it that you can’t change anything that’s a fixed point, meaning that he still couldn’t be in Rory’s life, but we’re really supposed to believe he went 30 years (and however many millennia that is in Hell-time) or so without seeing Chloe? That’s where they failed to suspend my disbelief. I’m not mad at the rest of narrative closure though, and I will miss this silly little show.


Ending thoughts below

I assumed that it was because if she had seen Lucifer during that time she would have behaved differently that Rory remembered her…plus maybe the can’t lie thing. Plus, they knew they had eternity after that. What bothered me was that there was no mention of the trauma that Trixie would have gone through losing her dad and then Lucifer (who she was already thinking was going to marry her mom and was an important part of her life) within a very short time. That bothered me.

Still, I think they did a good job with everything else.

I’ve watched too much Doctor Who; I firmly believe that aside from fixed points, time is ‘wibbly-wobbly.’


Thanks @Melizmatic and @edgore for the feedback, but at least for now, I’m gonna give the last season a pass. I’m not in the right headspace to appreciate “bittersweet,” I guess. Even though I know Chloe and Lucifer get eternity together, a lifetime of separation still seems like too much to put them through, after all their struggling and suffering to that point. It’s one last kick-in-the-feels for the viewers, just because the writers can, and I’m simply not in the mood for that noise.

Maybe someday, but…



I just came here to say that I have now seen a few more episodes but have not yet finished it, and while I still feel it’s a bit wooden – maybe it’s the writing that’s trying to do too much, since the story originally expected a few more seasons to flesh out – I have to agree with @Melizmatic and @edgore that the finishing arcs are worth watching. I’ve gotten to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and wish there had been another episode before that coming together, but yeah, it pulled on the heartstrings and was lovely. Amenadiel’s final arc is particularly interesting to me.

Basically, I wish they’d had several seasons to finish it properly, but it’s still worth watching.

But of course, there’s only so much time in a day, so if this isn’t floating your boat right now, save it for another time.


Action movie Kate on Netflix is definitely better than Amazon’s Jolt. Warning, the link is to a review with spoilers.

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Started watching Y: The Last Man. Only one episode in, but so far so good. Read the comic as it came out and it’s a good adaptation so far, and I am hopeful that the creative team can work through some of the rough spots that come from there.

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This, basically. I loved the seasons I’ve seen; I used to watch with my dad before he passed. I still hope to catch up someday, but if the idea of that ending’s bothering me, today isn’t the day. :woman_shrugging: I’m glad everybody enjoyed it!


So… I didn’t know they’d made Y the Last Man into a tv series…

The wife and I stumbled on Corner Gas and can’t get enough, not sure what we’ll do after we get through all six seasons.

It’s a genius show with awards coming out the wazoo and laugh out loud funny. God bless Canada and Brent Butt.

All six seasons are on IMDb TV on your favorite streaming device.

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