Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 3)

I heard that when vaxed women visit yoga studios there’s interference on clock radios and the toaster oven takes longer to reheat lunches.


I never took Breuer to be a brainiac, but I always figured he was at least smart enough to figure this out. Dammit, Breuer!


Today’s xkcd is related:


She needs to have her license to practice stripped. Now. Anyone who is a doctor and still spreading misinformation is contributing to this pandemic and actively killing people.




At least a few of the credentialing bodies have taken a stand about this, and for pediatricians and family practice docs, we can lose our board certification over this kind of shit. Have not heard the board of emergency medicine taking such a stand. It might not matter. You need the certification to get hospital privileges, but not to get or keep a license. And if you are making all your money from bogus telehealth ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine prescribing, you don’t give a damn about getting hospital privileges, nor about how much your colleagues may despise you.


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Here we are. Get used to it. It is not going to come back to what it was for some time.

Yeah, remember those scary, scary Death Panels that the right wing was all on about a few years back? They are here.


Seems low to me: an average of $20,000 per person.


One thing which worries and sometimes infuriates me , even to the brink of incoherent rage, is the fact that education, even in sciences, does not make your less prone to believe this kind of bullshit.

I know how difficult it is to change habits, and I know how difficult it is to change an opinion which has emotionally settled in my mind. Seriously, if I don’t have very personal stakes, don’t feel very threatened or very hurt or devalued if someone else is telling me something, I usually try to understand how reliable information I am given is.

And if someone tells me that vaccines are an “experimental drug developed by a criminal company” they are clearly not worthy of a duel and can just fuck off.

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I own a tiny little company for 30 years, for the past several it’s been just me and my wife. It’s a service business and this week we’re doing some set up for an outdoor trade show. We start early before anyone gets there and keep plenty of distance between ourselves and others. If anyone get too close we walk away until we’re alone again. It’s nice we have the luxury of picking and choosing how we work. We are very fortunate.

Here’s the thing, if I hear one more person say people are responsible they don’t need to wear a mask because they sneeze or cough into their elbow… Bull Crap, I watched countless numbers of people sneezing, coughing, and spitting all day long within a few feet of each other. No one practices personal hygiene. I know it’s outdoors and we are pretty safe because we put lots of distance between us but still

And I actually heard this today.

“It’s nice to be able to to do these shows now that covid is no longer out there.”

I normally don’t respond but that right there required a big ole “WTF are you talking about!?”


My last job involved travel to a few shows a year. Sure, I made more money then. But nopety, nopety, and nope.


Daily schadenquatsch:


Hey look everybody… it’s a shithead fight


This is probably not good

We are certainly seeing it here. About 15% positivity rate in the last week or so at my office. But might actually be testimony to vaccine efficacy, since the vast majority of the cases are in those too young to be vaccinated. There is also the fact that delta seems to more effectively infect kids. My concern, as I have expressed before, is less that there is a small, but still significant, number of kids who get seriously ill or die from this, but that there is a much larger number (a recent study found around 4%) who will develop longer term effects. Especially since we have very little idea what “longer term” even means yet. So much unknown, so many people quite happy to make their, and everyone else’s, kids into experimental subjects for real. As opposed to the imagined “experiment” of vaccinating them. And we are tired, man. So very tired.


Yep. This.

Also, I do wonder about the development of another variant that is worse on kids, too.

So many scary things to consider. And assholes will not get vaccinated…


This 18-month-old has never known anything except for her 3 older brothers to be at home with her every day. In-person school started back up, so she spent the day without them for the first time.

Yes, it’s hard to be locked up at home due the pandemic, but it also fosters closer family ties.


I’m not a sucker for kids, so I don’t know why there is moisture in my tear ducts? (This is way cute!)


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