Man arrested this morning in white supremacist truck with weapons near DNC headquarters said he was "on patrol"

I looked at that image an thought “mental health problems”


Looks to me like he was hunting.

And the irony was lost on him.

This ought to be interesting. I wonder if the Usual Scumbags will speak to/incite the mob, & if said mob will try to pull the same stunt their heroes did…

The cops, etc better be more prepared this time.


It is a strange mix of beach town and military town. Lots of surf shops and dry cleaners filled with uniforms.


Dunno about DC, but you can’t have any weapons concealed in the passenger area in California - even legal to own things like a baseball bat magically become felony concealed weapons, especially if you are brown, regardless of whether you can prove you are coming from coaching Little League (actual case I know of but can’t detail here because of privacy reasons).

This sounds like a much rarer case where a white person is being hauled in because he really made it hard to ignore him.


Yeah, 'cause lefties are invariably heavy into swastikas and writing “confederacy” on their shit.

Also, how TF did numbnutz manage to drive anywhere without an actual license plate?! FFS, a friend in Seattle got pulled over Three Times on the way to renew his license plate tabs, which had expired that day. No one could drive across Detroit without a plate!

Oh, yes, they fucking well are!

“I’m so surprised. His mother called him My Angel. He was a good neighbor; quiet, kept to himself…”

Looks like a bind rune (combining two or more runes). Doubtless a clumsy attempt at a love spell.


I can’t help but think “decoy.” I mean how much more attention could this nutjob draw to himself with the ridiculous, over the top, blaringly obvious hate symbols? It just feels like “Look over here at me! Not that at perfectly plain unmarked van over there. Here! Here!”




I might have been so subtle. It was a racist Donald trump quote (redundant?) about Mexicans.


tophat-biggrin beer


How do you conceal a baseball bat upon the person?

If the baseball bat (and ball and glove) were openly visible, wouldn’t the driver be in the clear?
(I am ignoring the obvious, “how would the suspect be able to swing such a weapon within his private vehicle?” An empty city bus is an entirely different story.)

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They still think they are deep underground and using symbols that the rest of us can’t figure out… :roll_eyes: They still believe that none of the rest of us have figured out the whole 1488 shit…

Also… machetes are prohibited in California?


Lotsa tear gas, beanbag guns and rubber bullets. Water canons are good too.

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It had rolled under the seat from the behind the seat storage in the pick up. Probably the only fully legal space would be in the pick up bed. But he thought he was bringing sporing equipment home, so why would he not put it inside the truck cab? Or so I assume his thinking went.

Also, IIRC, concealed weapons can be “wobblers”, something that can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, meaning it is easier to force someone to peal to a misdemeanor rather than for them to risk a felony conviction that will risk not only imprisonment but also a mark against employment and housing for life. Not sure if that is still the case these days.

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Dang, that would include the tire iron lug wrench.

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If it’s in the cab instead of under the truck with the spare, I think yes. But it’s entirely up to the cop whether to decide that the tire iron they found is a “weapon” or not. Lot’s of folks seem to think that if they have a double duty item like a bat that they can’t be charged - they are very wrong, more so if they are brown. :frowning:

Also, ordinary tools magically become “burglar” tools, but unlike concealed weapons charges you have to have (or a cop has to claim you have) “intent”:

"Every person having upon him or her in his or her possession a picklock, crow, keybit, crowbar, screwdriver, vise grip pliers, water-pump pliers, slidehammer, slim jim, tension bar, lock pick gun, tubular lock pick, bump key, floor-safe door puller, master key, ceramic or porcelain spark plug chips or pieces, or other instrument or tool with intent feloniously to break or enter into "

[emphasis added]

Law section.


Just to clarify - are we talking the cops on duty or the cops who took a day off to attend?


Remember Cesar Sayoc, the Trumpist mail bomber with a van covered in Trumpist tat?

Federal flag license plate? Does he not know about states’ rights?

“Craighead claimed he was “on patrol””

Ah - a reconnaissance mission. Identifying targets, routes and defenses.

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