Marvel's 'Hawkeye' trailer

I like the character. I can’t say I like Renner’s grim portrayal and I’d have preferred someone who made the role more fun but I still enjoy the bizarre angle of “just a dude with a bow” running with the supers.

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If ever we need to defeat the big bad guy by shooting an apple off his head at 100 yards… we’ll know who to call.

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Some people like their movies about super powered behemoths grounded in reality, some are ok with the silliness of bow-dude! Give me bow-dude.


Hawkeye has become a very popular character in the comics among younger readers, following Matt Fraction’s 2015 Hawkeye series. And perhaps more importantly Kate Bishop became a massive fan favorite after that came out.

That didn’t exist when they introduced him to the films, so they based the character mostly on the Ultimate version of the character. Which were not good. They added in the family angle to give him something to do from what I recall. The main comics version had had a couple moments of popularity as a supporting character in the Avengers books. But was otherwise a bit of a B list punchline, in the exact way the film version kinda is. Part of what made the Fraction series work so well was very much leaning into that “kinda shitty” reputation the character had.

So Marvel had a bit of a catch 22. They had a wildly popular, award winning version of the character attracting new readers to the books. And their film version had already become too divorced from that, and too buried in the scheduled phases to use it. So I think they kinda just de-emphasised him. Leaving him practically right where the comic character had been sitting back in the 00’s.

This show was announced, explicitly as an adaptation of the Fraction run. That is a very good thing. And they seem to have injected a bunch of Die Hard to make it work with a Hawkeye at a very different starting point.

I get the sense Renner would be perfectly happy to just keep doing it for the rest of his life. His career isn’t exactly exploding otherwise. He’s definitely not going to be doing back flips on the TV much longer though.

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I like it and think it looks like fun. Also enjoying the Andy Williams glow-up.


as spoken by the first real MCU villian:
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Exactly, what will they do next, a musical number featuring Agatha Harkness? Or a love story starring Loki? Who would watch something like that?


There are ways of viewing content from certain major corporations that don’t require giving money to those major corporations that you don’t feel deserve that money. I’m beating around the bush a bit here as it’s never 100% kosher to recommend this sort of thing.

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ah I missed him on first viewing! Thanks!

I don’t engage in those activities. I’m a creator myself and generally try to remind myself of how I would feel if others did that to me. Even if it is a ginormous douchebag corporation, I’ll forgo the shows entirely. Plus, there’s endless entertainment to consume from other folks (for now… although Disney is trying hard to become the only game in town, clearly… really wish we had solid anti-trust enforcement like we had in the past).


Video link for the BBS set:


Yeah, just forgoing content entirely from companies you don’t want to support is the best way to go about it. That way not only are you not giving them money, but you’re also not giving them your attention which as you’ve mentioned is best placed with those who deserve it.

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Does she have the same car?

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The real question is, will it feature a bass fishing simulator.

Oh, I hope so, that would be awesome fun. I’ve mostly hated the Transformer movies, but Bumblebee was actually pretty good, and she was a big part of the reason for that. The woman can act. Loved her in True Grit as well.

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Did no-one else notice something which they’ve not mentioned before in the movies, but have apparently brought across from the comics?

Clint Barton is, famously, not a superhuman. He’s been in the middle of a lot of things blowing up. That takes its toll.
In the trailer there is at least one scene where you see him with devices in his ears.

Those aren’t comms, they’re hearing aids.
Clint Barton has a hearing impairment.

I’m sure I’m not the only person hoping that Marvel are moving to bringing in the Young Avengers (of which Kate Bishop is a member). They’ve been quietly introducing the other members in the background of the last few films and series*.

Why should non-comics readers care? Well, they were first introduced relatively, and so they’re not mired in decades of contradictory comics history. Also, they’re probably Marvel’s most gay superhero team, so Disney is finally going to have to have openly gay characters on screen.

*(I was just totting it up in my head, they’ve hidden at least one or two in each series so far, except What If. Wiccan/Billy and Speed/Tommy in Wandavision, Patriot/Eli in Falcon&Winter Soldier, and Kid Loki [and Iron lad but sort of not really] in Loki.

A series for Ironheart has been announced, America Chavez is going to be in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and Ms Marvel is getting her own series, which leads into her appearance in The Marvels. And Cassie Lang is going to be in Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania.

I wonder if, at some point, we’re going to meet Hulkling in a Captain Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Yes, I have a pretty strong feeling that they’re building up to the Young Avengers. They may not get to it for a few years, though. What’s listed above is already slated through to 2023 at least.

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