'grit & valor' not sissy pants & girlie guns

Ok, sorry - I am going to need more explanation of "little fresh meat" because I clicked on that link and was too concerned to keep reading. If some one can confirm that all these folks are of age then I will dive back in.
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I was just thinking this weekend about Leslie Cheung, who committed suicide in 2003. This would not have been a happy time for him.
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Thank you, Spamandkimchi! I just wasn't sure what I was wandering into!
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In the Chinese community I know, little fresh meat just refers to boyishly attractive young men on TV. Like, my aunties will watch such and such Chinese drama partly because of the eye candy. As a non-cis gay person, my actual impression was that LFM includes both effeminate men and conventionally handsome men. I also think because of Chinese homophobia if a star is "too" effeminate they would not qualify as LFM, my aunties and mom's friends would just make fun of how effeminate they are. So there was never much subversion of gender norms in the first place, in the sense that young men with youthful pretty faces have always been part of conventional ideas about beauty.
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