We examined data from the daily Top 200 Global Spotify charts (courtesy of spotifycharts.com), which begin on January 1, 2017.1 Here's what we learned:

"Shape of You" is by far the most streamed song of the past two years

Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You", which first hit the charts on January 6, 2017, has almost twice as many recorded streams as any other song in our dataset.

Post Malone, whose music could be described as “genre-bending” or “bad” depending on who you ask, has more recorded streams than any other artist.

This is a relatively recent development: take a look below at Post's climb up the streaming ranks.

Only two artists have had at least one song in the top 200 every day since January 1, 2017: Ed Sheeran (naturally), and J Balvin, a Colombian artist best known for "Mi Gente", which ruled the charts for a solid chunk of summer 2017, despite never eclipsing 7th on the U.S. chart. (Balvin also features on Cardi B’s smash hit “I Like It”).

In late 2017, during the lull between the release of More Life and “God’s Plan” dropping in early 2018, Drake was knocked out of the top 200 for a few days by the annual parade of Christmas music (more on that below).

Here are the artists with the longest-running active streaks in the Top 200:

Drake, who is infamous for lengthy records (his shortest studio album, Nothing Was The Same, clocks in at 59 minutes and 22 seconds), falls just short of having the most songs that have appeared in the Top 200. That honor goes to Future (a past collaborator of Drake's).

But it comes with an asterisk: the Despacito “remix”, which added Justin Bieber and later grew to eclipse the original in popularity, disappeared from Spotify for two days in April ‘17. Desperate for their Despacito fix, streamers returned to the original, giving it the most single-day streams of any song in our dataset.

We've created a Spotify playlist of the 20 songs with the most streams that have never appeared on the U.S. Top 200 - check it out here or play it below. It's a fun mix of mostly Latin American music and... Jason Mraz? Indeed! Mr. Mraz apparently still has quite a few fans in the Philippines.

The top dates for total streams usually coincide with a new album or Christmas cheer. (See the notes below the chart.)

ReadyPipe users can use the Github Gist below to collect this data themselves. ReadyPipe is an all-in-one platform to run your web scrapers; you write the logic, it handles everything else. ReadyPipe is used by 3-person companies to 3,000-person companies: you can request access here.


1. Our data runs from 1/1/17 through 1/22/19, and only contains data from songs that appeared in the Top 200 on a given day. Additionally, here we only count songs towards an artist's numbers if they were the lead artist, not songs where they were featured. (E.g. “Going Bad” is included in Meek Mill’s count, but not Drake’s.)