Zeynep Tufekci on the pandemic and underlying social problems.

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I follow Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep) on Twitter and she's indeed by far the most sensible voice ont he subject. As she says in the interview repeatedly, it gets framed as a Republican-versus-Democrat opinion-fest when it can't actually make sense that way. People aren't wrong just because of their politics.
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star gentle uterus: The problem with this approach, which I do agree with, is the question of who enforces the punishment. To give you an idea, less than half of the NYPD is vaccinated, and they're pushing back hard against the city's mandate.
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I know, I live in NYC. Fire every officer who refuses. Make vaccination a requirement for employment, fine or even arrest employers who don't comply. We can figure out how to enforce every other rule and law in the universe, we can figure this out. That's a solvable problem, it's just a matter of will. Our leadership needs to grow a spine and stop worrying what the anti-vaxxers will think. If Republicans or others push back, push back harder. Enough is enough.
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let the insurance companies do it. no shot? pay your own Libertarian way. 100% copay.
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