This Halloween, take a spooky river ghost cruise through Shrewsbury.

HALLOWEEN is quickly approaching, and for those daring enough, a boat tour in Shrewsbury will prepare you for spooky ghost stories.

A story boat docked along the River Severn is ready to take tourists on a late-night tour of the river’s waters and unearth the dark secrets of this historic Shropshire town. Sabrina Boat’s Ghost Cruises will sail around at night on several evenings throughout October, including passing past the famed Welsh Bridge.

Guests can relax comfortably, unlike on other ghost tours, while they learn about the dangers and cold-blooded murders that lurked beneath the dimly lighted Victoria Quay.

According to tradition, a milkmaid’s ghost walks Raven Meadows in the dead of night, continually repeating a rhyme.

Another is The Prince Rupert, which was named after King James I’s grandson who once resided there.

Some of the ghostly tenants include the spirit of a young bride who was abandoned at the altar and a young man who was deserted by his girlfriend.

Shrewsbury Railway Station is also said to be haunted. Platform Three’s roof collapsed in 1887, crushing the carriage of the town’s councilman.

From this platform, a shadowy figure is claimed to be at the ramp entry to Castle Street.

Sabrina Boat is the must-do activity for a terrifying experience if you wish to face the scary tales told about Shrewsbury.

“We went on the Ghost Cruise as an evening out with business colleagues,” one user wrote on TripAdvisor about their experience in July.

“It was a truly enjoyable journey up and down the river, with historical facts and scary legends about Shrewsbury thrown in for good measure.

“I felt the trip was quite reasonably priced, and everyone who went had a great time and said it was something a little different that we could all enjoy.”

Conwy Castle has been dubbed “one of Wales’ most haunted” castles.

The Sabrina Boat is hosting a series of ghost cruises throughout October.

Tickets are £5 for children, £8 for concessions, £10 for adults, or £25 for a family; dogs are welcome.

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