Buckingham Palace Gardens has left royal enthusiasts feeling “robbed” and “underwhelmed.”

The Queen’s private home, Buckingham Palace Gardens, has reopened to the public, and royal enthusiasts were overjoyed to see where she throws her garden parties.

Since her coronation in 1953, the Queen has lived at Buckingham Palace and raised all four of her children there. During Her Majesty’s reign, she would organize garden parties in the formal Buckingham Palace Gardens on a regular basis, and royal enthusiasts have long wished to visit.

Buckingham Palace Gardens reopened to the public recently, but tourists were underwhelmed by the tourist attraction.

Tickets for a self-guided tour and picnic at the 39-acre gardens were on sale for the first time this year.

The tickets, which cost £16.50 for an adult and £42 for a family of up to three children, were first made available in April but were swiftly taken off the market due to “overwhelming” demand.

After exhibitions were halted last year due to the coronavirus outbreak, royal admirers have been clamoring to gain access to the Palace.

The tour was offered on the Palace website as a chance to enjoy the “beauty and serenity of this enclosed paradise.”

A 511-foot flowery border and plane trees erected by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert may be found in the grounds.

However, royal admirers left nasty reviews on Tripadvisor and resorted to social media to warn their followers about the ‘out of bounds’ gardens.

“That’s lovely!” one person tweeted. This morning, I went to Buckingham Palace Gardens. It was enjoyable to visit, although I must say that the garden was a little disappointing.

“Unless you pay more for a tour, you can only see one very long herbaceous border, a lake, and a lot of grass.”

“Buckingham Palace has opened its gardens for the first time this year,” read another comment.

“It shouldn’t have troubled…

We had high hopes for the garden, but it did not live up to our expectations.

“Save your money and spend it on the much more intriguing – and free – public royal parks.”

Others slammed it as a “rip off,” citing the “long line,” the “constantly watching your every step” stewards, and the “ropes everywhere” that restrict movement.

“The main feature was the shop,” one visitor remarked on Tripadvisor. It’s a lot of money for a piece of tat.”

“Feel robbed by the royals,” they ended.

A guest who was looking forward to a relaxing picnic in the grounds posted a comprehensive list of the rules. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”