After ‘coming up with Brexit goodies,’ Liz Truss was dubbed a ‘modern-day Thatcher.’

Many Conservative Party members regard Liz Truss not only as the international face of Global Britain, but also as their modern-day Margaret Thatcher, according to reports.

According to a new poll of Tory grassroots members, the International Trade Secretary has led the current Cabinet League Table with nearly 89 points, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson has plummeted to 24th with just 3.4 points. ConservativeHome conducted a poll of party members and found that Ms Truss, the Minister for Women and Equalities, had a lot of support and that Mr Johnson has a lot of distrust. The poll is updated monthly, and each government-related event will have an impact on the findings.

Ms Truss is in the exact same spot as she was a month ago, with a nearly identical score.

According to journalist Anna Isaac, Ms Truss’ appeal stems from the fact that she is considered by many Conservative Party members not only as the international face of Global Britain, but also as their modern-day Margaret Thatcher.

“Truss has taken what is typically a middle-ranking Cabinet function and turned herself, quite brazenly, into the embodiment of post-Brexit Britain’s worldwide goals in a little under two years,” she continued.

“Never mind that the agreements she’s made – with Japan, Canada, and others — essentially duplicate some of the perks of EU membership. The flurry of photo ops with Truss holding the Union flag has galvanized support among Conservative Party members who see her as a dealmaker who is getting things done, and the politician most successfully showing Brexit to be a success,” she argued. Ms Truss’ rise, she argued, is symptomatic of a shift in British politics, a flashback to “an age of aggressive — and divisive — ideology not seen since the Second World War.”

“For 20 years, Britain has been governed by a series of pragmatic prime ministers — Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Theresa May. “Boris Johnson has not only broken that pattern with his opportunistic embrace of Brexit; he has elevated a cohort of determined neoliberals who want to inject free enterprise back into British politics,” Ms Isaac continued in her report for POLITICO.

“One of them is Truss, who aggressively repeats Thatcher.

“At times, the quotes from Thatcher’s playbook appear self-aware: Block bright colors, especially blue and.”Brinkwire Summary News”.